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Top 13 spring bags for under $50

Spring is here, and we know you are saving you money for that summer vacation, so we have found the perfect spring bags that are just under $50! Take a look.


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This cute pink, beaded bag can be found at Urban Outfitters for just $14.


Source: marieclaire.com

Unique, isn’t it? It does have an inside pocket that can be helpful when you want to hide your tampons and other stuff, but the transparent part is what makes this bag stand out. You can buy it at Topshop for $48.

Small tote bag

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It can be useful when you are out shopping for some fruit and vegetables, and it is also very handy if you are going to the beach. Get this adorable mini tote bag at Urban Outfitters for just $9.


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This one is for either spring or summer, due to its beautiful design. Buy it at Shopbop for $36.


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Backpacks are cool this season, and this sporty one from Puma is very handy. Find it at Shopbop for $40.


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With wooden handles, this very fashionable bag can be found at Zara for $49,90.

Bucket bag

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Simple, yet elegant. The scarf is what makes this bag very fashionable, and you can get it at H&M for just $28.


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Since handbags go in and out of style very quickly, this $30 black handbag is very affordable for a situation like that. Get it at Mango.

Round bucket bag

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With its cutout design, this bag is actually very trendy this spring. It’s only $42 at Nordstrom.

Faux leather

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Well, isn’t this a beautiful thing to see? Very fashionable, adorable and handy. Get it at Nordstrom for only $20.

Plastic square

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It is perfect for a special occasion, and the design screams elegance and uniqueness. Get it at Asos Design for $48.

Faux Fur

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It’s like you are taking a puppy down for a walk. It is quite small, but all the essential items can fit in it. It is just $18 at GAP.

Shoulder bag

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Shoulder bags still haven’t gone out of style. This one is only $17, and you can find this beauty at H&M.

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