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Top 13 Best Toothbrushes for 2019

Oral hygiene has always been one of the most important things, flossing and brushing your teeth every day helps improve your oral health and makes your smile perfect. We have found some of the most unusual and the best toothbrushes that we want to share with you. Take a look.


Source: Tuvie

Simon Enever designed stylish toothbrushes that have drop-in oscillation module and an interchangeable handheld.


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Very handy and easy to use, especially if you are traveling a lot.


Source: Instructables

This toothbrush comes with a hook that is fantastic if you have some issues with space. If you don’t have where to put it, just hang it on the shower or any other surface that can be easier to reach.


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Reinast Luxury Toothbrush offers you a product worth $4000. The reason for such a price – titanium holder and a detachable bristle hand. “We wanted to create something that was unique in design and beauty—something that didn’t already exist. And judging from our clients’ feedback, we certainly think we’ve accomplished that. We wanted to make something that was both enduring and luxurious. In addition to being functional, obviously. These are the goals we had in mind,” said the designers.


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Electric toothbrushes have been a thing for a very long time, and this Oral-B Electric Toothbrush has the toothbrush head vibrating to release plaque. It also vacillates and twists to get freed of the plaque furthermore.


Source: Philips

It is said that this Diamondclean by Philips Sonicare is slaying plaque. It also helps whiten the teeth and gums are stronger after only 2 weeks of using it. It has 5 styles – clean, white, polish, gum care and delicate. It also comes with a charger glass, dual charging system, and USB charging travel case.


Source: Doug Brody

The Ultreo ultrasound toothbrush uses ultrasonic waves to release plaque and dispose of bacteria. It comes with a charger and a mobile box.


Source: Philips – Canada

This electric sonic technology Philips Sonicare FexCare+ is probably the best options for gum care. It also helps to whiten the teeth.


Source: Best Buy

This Philips Sonicare FlexCare+, like the one above, helps to whiten the teeth and is excellent for gum care. What it offers more is also helps with gum infection, and a brush head has a UV Sanitizer.

Sonic Electric

Source: Philips

Philip Sonicare is definitely the best option, but they have different models. This one is DiamondClean, and it is more focuses on whitening your teeth. Bristles are formed like a diamond and are great for disposing of smudges.

DiamondClean Pink

Source: Amazon UK

Philips Sonicare Diamondclean Pink Edition offers 5 brushing styles, charging travel box, 1 Sonicare toothbrush holder, 2 diamondclean regular brush heads, 1 charging glass, 1 charging travel box, 2 sterile brush head containers, 1 USB cable, and one USB wall connection.

Bright smile

Source: Amazon UK

The best option for your white teeth is Philips Sonicare HX6731/02. For just two weeks you will notice the difference due to the toothbrushes that get into the unreachable spots in your mouth. Also, the whole kit offers 1 fresh white holder, 1 standard pro results brush head, 1 sterile travel cover, 1 travel charger, and 1 travel box.


Source: Philips

Philips Sonicare HX9110/02 flexcare platinum rechargeable electric toothbrush offers nine brushing choices, automatic pressure sensor, and superior brush head technology. It also has three adaptable power levels, that you can mix and adjust. The pressure sensor will warn you if you are brushing too strong. The kit incorporates 1 flexcare platinum holder, 2 regular intercare brush heads, 2 hygienic travel covers, 1 deluxe charger with cordage cover and brush head room, and 1 travel box. US Dental professionals are highly suggesting this toothbrush, and the results can be seen in just two weeks.

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