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Top 11 Backpacks for Toddlers in 2019

Every kid goes through a phase when it’s obsessed with sparkles, a character from a trending movie or with mythical creatures such as unicorns. We have made a list of the cutest backpacks that your child will surely fall in love with. There is available a wide range of designs and shapes so you can be sure that you will find the perfect backpack for your child.

1. Unicorn Backpack – 17,99 $

Source: BabyCurls

You can buy it in a few shapes, including this cheerful unicorn shape. It has comfortable shoulder straps, which are very important for your child’s health. There are two external pockets, and a lot of space available inside so that you can pack your child’s books, lunch, and toys.

2. Under Construction Backpack by Wildkin – 24.99$

Source: hearstapps.com

This brand is well known for its quality when it comes to backpacks. The design is very interesting, especially for boys who love construction machinery and trucks. The backpack is designed to keep your children’s back safe, even though it’s loaded with pens, markers, art projects, and other school-related stuff.

3. Robot Backpack – 15.99$

Source: Robot Backpack

This cute backpack for toddlers looks like a mini robot, and even though it is on the smaller side, it has the perfect amount of space available to store toys and food. It can also be bought in red or blue.

4. Unicorn Backpack -10.99$

Source: DHgate

This one is for the girls! A sweet and unique unicorn-shaped backpack is just the right choice for her preschool days.

5. Tractor Backpack by John Deere – 21.99$

Source: Amazon

This simple green-colored backpack with a tractor on the front is the perfect choice for any boy that is fascinated by wheels.

6. Llama Backpack – 20.48$

Source: Zulily

This one will cheer up anyone who looks at it. Multi colors and the Llama print with the flower on the side is adorable. Your toddler will be fascinated by it.

7. Dinosaur Backpack – 23.89$

Source: etsy.com

A lot of children are fascinated by dinosaurs. If your child is one of them, then this colorful dino-inspired backpack is an ideal present for your little one.

8. 3D Dinosaur Backpack – 21.99$

Source: Amazon

Even though it has a non-basic outside appearance – a neon green background with white spikes, this Dinosaur waterproof backpack is a favorite among toddlers. It is made from neoprene fabric, which is super comfortable and also easy to clean.

9. Babymmel Zip&Zoe Backpack – 25,00$

Source: babymel.us

If your child is fond of simple things, then this is the perfect backpack. Designed in basic square shape and colors, this backpack is a great combination for everyone. The front pouch can be used to store your children’s snacks. Also, the inside comes in yellow so that it can complement the exterior combination of colors.

10. Princess Backpack – 31.66$

Source: Amazon

This kind of backpack is a perfect choice for all those little girls who dream of being a princess and living in a castle. This waterproof backpack comes in a quilted sky blue color, followed by a golden bow. Also, the inside will make you satisfied as you see that it is filled with a lot of space and pockets.

11. ArcEnCiel Backpack – 29.98$

Source: Amazon

Designed in the shape of a robot, this backpack will make sure that your children’s important stuff – such as books, pens, and folders stay neatly organized on their way to school. Equipped with a lot of zipped pockets, it will make sure that everything stays in its space. Also, the front pocket will keep your children’s lunch at the ideal temperature all day, due to its insolation.

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