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Top 10 Sites and Apps Like Pinterest for 2019

While Pinterest is a great place to spend some time and see wonderful content, it can be tricky finding a specific content you are looking for. That is why there are so many similar sites that are more specialized and have communities that are focused on just one topic, like fashion, design, photograph, or DIY. In fact, the concept has become so popular that you would be hard-pressed to find a category that doesn’t have at least one Pinterets-like site out there. We tried to include something for everyone in our list of top 10 sites and apps like Pinterest for 2019.

We Heart It

Source: iTunes – Apple

Platforms: Web, Android, and iOS

We Heart It is best described as Pinterest for teenagers, mostly teenage girls. The design is more modern than Pinterest. You can discover other people and follow them, and “love” their pictures. The layout is easy to use and although it doesn’t have pinning board, it features collection function and a great community.


Source: Dudepins Blog

Platforms: Weband iOS

If We Heart It is Pinterest for teenage girls, DudePins is definitely a Pinterest for men. Their moto is “Discover everything that’s manly.” The design is clean and simple, lacking any flowery ornaments. Unlike some other similar sites, DudePins features a more mature and classy content.


Source: Pearltrees • blog

Platforms: Web (with browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox), Android, and iOS

PearlTrees uses the similar concept like Pinterest, but with a twist. Instead of pins and boards, you have trees and pearls. Content is grouped in threes, which you can follow, and add your pearls to it. The user interface looks very dated, but it is surprisingly functional. Apart from a free version, it also has premium service starting at $2.99/month, which bring features like offline mode, more storage, customization features and no ads.


Source: InVision

Platforms: Web, Android, and iOS

Dribbble is aimed at professionals, namely designers, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us can take a peek and see what they are up to. A great place for all creative people to get some ideas from people who do this for a living. The community is very active and you can get answers to any questions you may have.


Source: Pinterest

Platforms: Web and iOS

As the name would suggest, this is Pinterest for food. Foodies gather here to share pictures of their favorite dishes and enjoy in other people’s cuisines. The pictures are categorized by meals, so you have breakfast, lunch, starters, etc.


Source: YouTube

Platforms: Web

Described as a heaven for homeowners looking to improve their homes, Hometalk is a combination of design and DIY site. There are plenty of projects listed, from easy fixes to the most demanding jobs you can do around the house. There are also some great suggestions for designing your home, divided into categories like kitchen, garden, bedroom, etc. The community will always answer to any questions you may have on any of he related topics.


Source: fancy.com

Platforms: Web, Android, and iOS

Fancy mostly deals with interesting products, focusing on modern gadgets. You can create curated lists based on your interest and each product comes with a direct link, so you can buy it easily from Fancy, without leaving the site. There are plenty of other categories too, like clothing, home, art, etc. It is a dangerous place to visit if you suffer from a poor impulse control.


Source: Pinterest

Platforms: Web

Juxtapost is the most similar site to Pinterest, in a sense it isn’t specialized. Its greatest strength is its community, which has created a great place to comment other people’s posts and even work on projects together.


Source: UpLabs

Platforms: Weband iOS

If you are planning a vacation, Everplaces is a great place to start. Users share their pictures of accommodations, hotels, and restaurants they have visited on their travels, so that other can learn from their experience. You can easily find locations that interest you and see what is worth visiting while you are there.


Source: Twipu

Platforms: Web

NOTCOT is difficult site to describe. It lacks all functions present on Pinterest, you don’t even have an option of creating an account. You can just scroll though picture of various, sometimes weird, but always interesting things


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