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TinyPreMaker Robots: The Ultimate guide for road pre marking

Nowadays, in the era of automation, we get the assistance of machine in every aspect of our work life as well as in our family life. If we dig dipper in our daily life, we can see the usefulness of machines. Robots are the finest version of those automation. In the year of 1954, when George Devol has invented the first programmable robot, everyone has jerked with that new theory. But, nowadays they are familiar in our many aspects of life. Specially in the work field.

As an example, are you working with pre-markings on the roads and highways, but wish to save time and human effort? In that case a pre-marking robot from TinyMobileRobots might be the perfect solution for you because of it’s high precision and its ability to work non-stop for eight hours on one battery. This means that the autonomous pre-marking machine can mark 5 times faster than a human worker, while improving safety and accuracy.

Why choose a TinyPreMaker?

Source: tinymobilerobots.com

It is not only handy and very effective when it comes to pre-markings on the roads. It also starts working within a few minutes after its arrival, it uses a USB drive to transfer the data and can be used for a wide range of different tasks.

Furthermore, It has a built-in-GNSS receiver that gives you centimeter precision and accuracy in all its tasks.

It also has other key specifications such as:

  • Weatherproof
  • Completely autonomous
  • Long-range remote control
  • Automatically marks points and lines
  • Sprays with standard aerosol cans
  • Supports common data formats

The weight is 18kg/40 lbs. excluding the battery. Its maximum marking speed is 7km per hour/2.5 mph and can sizes between 450-700 ml will fit within the robot. It can mark up to 30 km per shift while a human worker only marks about 6 km per shift.

Take control with the long-range remote control

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In addition to the more efficient operations, the long-range remote that you’ll get, when you buy the robot, allows the workers to control the it from a far, which is effective and useful especially during road construction projects, closed traffic lanes etc. You can also control it on your tablet, if that is the preferred choice.

All of the incredible information listed above just gives you a yet another reason to invest in one of the incredible pre-marking autonomous system. With the TinyPreMaker you are ensured to end up with a great result. It is designed to handle complete lay-out solutions to ease the road marking from start to finish.

Final words

Source: TinyMobileRobots.com

The above description of pre marking Robot is only the one aspect of of work field. Such automated machines have became the part of our daily life. They have reduced our working hours and total overhead costs as well. So, not only in the case of road marking, we will be benefited from such automated machines in every aspect of our life, if we want to be.

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