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These 5 Oil Dispensers are the best in 2019

1. Tablecraft (916M) 16 oz. Oil & Vinegar Cruet – $8

Source: saboori.co

This oil bottle has a nice and thin spout that prevents spills and helps you measure the needed pours precisely. The capacity is 16 ounces, which is a manageable size for an easier storage.

The glass of the bottle has a pleasant shade of green tint, which makes whatever you put in slightly more appetizing and tasty looking. You can get up to twelve bottles in a set, perfect if you always have many new sauces. However, the spout thin so you may encounter problems if you have chunkier bits in your sauces.

2. Royal Oil and Vinegar Bottle Set – $14

Source: Fishpond

This bottle set comes with two bottles with a special dual spout gimmick. There are two spouts for every bottle, a thicker one for heavier pours, and a thin one for more precise ones. This is so helpful so as not to overdress your salads.

The bottles hold 17 ounces, and the set has a lot of value for an affordable price. You will not need to fill either bottle fully unless you use it in a restaurant kitchen. Because you get a wider spout, chunky sauces will not cause any clogging.

The glass does look great, but it does not keep the light out, so the oil will not be at its best forever. It is best to keep them in the fridge to keep the sauce or oil fresh. One minor downside is that the spouts do not have covers, so keep small flies away from these two bottles.

3. Vremi Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle – $20

Source: Amazon UK

Unexperienced cooks often run into situations of uncertainty regarding how much oil is the right amount to use. This bottle can help you until you get on your feet completely.

The dispenser has a pump and a convenient mini measuring cup located at the spout. This way you will always know how much oil you are using and you will not spill anything. You can also blend oil and vinegar, or spread herb bits inside for a stronger and tastier flavor.

Like the others, it does not keep the oil fresh for very long, which is its only major downside to this bottle.

4. FineDine Oil Dispenser Set – $32

Source: KaTom Restaurant Supply

Here is the one that has an airtight fit on the spout that keeps the oil fresh for a long time, and almost longer than any other top-quality dispenser. It can be used in a dishwasher, and it is easy to use and maintain. This makes it perfect for beginners.

The glass is thick and can keep the heat out, extending the longevity of whatever is inside even more. It is also a bit more resistant because of the thicker glass. This is always welcome in the often hectic environment of a busy kitchen.

Again however, the glass does not protect the oil from the light, so that problem is constant so far.

5. Rachael Ray Stoneware EVOO Oil Dispensing Bottle – $23

Source: Amazon.com

Rachael Ray is a magnificent cook who helped dispel the myth of how cooking is an impossibly abstract science only a superhuman individual can perform.

Finally, here is a bottle made specifically for keeping your oil safe from both the light and the heat. It is fully non-transparent and heat-resistant stoneware. And what a piece to look at it is. It will add charm to a kitchen of any design.

This gorgeous bottle can fit into any modern kitchen. However, do not use super-chunky sauces. The spout also has a cap to protect the oil from insects or dust.

The inconvenient shape of the bottle can make it a bit difficult to refill though. You will have to get used to pouring oil into it, because you cannot see how much of is inside.

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