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There are the best alternatives to KissAnime

1. 9Anime

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This website allows you to download any anime from their database as well, except of course giving you the ability to watch online. It is very popular on the Internet, and it has millions of active users. Its interface and extensive database are its strongest qualities. Their library contains around 25000 shows, and if they happen to lack the one you want, you can write to them and they will do their best to upload it. Their video quality is also amazing. Shows are neatly categorized. Some ads do show up while watching though.

2. Anime Season

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Their library features the most famous Anime series, including “Alice of Zouroku”, “Hunter x Hunter”, etc. Their website is quite appealing, and it is easy to find your desired series. Anime fans love this site, and it has many followers. The content is completely free, and they have very little ads. Make sure to give it a go.

3. AnimeLab

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Another great alternative is AnimeLab. This one is awesome because it supports Android, iOS, PlayStation, Xbox, Apple TV, and Chromecast platforms and systems. It has a great feature unlike the others. When you move the cursor over a thumbnail, it flips and shows information about the series. With this overview, it is both easy and fun to navigate the platform. One bad side is that it is limited worldwide. It is exclusive to New Zealand and Australia as of yet.

4. Chia-Anime

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This free anime streaming service has a great collection of anime series, movies, and videos. However, their interface is somewhat messy and unorganized. There are ads everywhere, so it can be overwhelming. The site allows downloads, and they have both dubbed and subbed content. Therefore, you do not have to watch it in Japanese if you do not want to.

5. AnimeFreak

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This is another popular destination for anime lovers, and it has an extensive library of shows in high quality. It is free, and you do not need any subscriptions or accounts. Their interface is okay, nothing too crazy or special. Different browsing options are possible. The only thing different when compared to others are the vibrant colors on the website.

6. MAsterAni.me

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Here is another solid alternative to KissAnime. They offer you hundreds of shows for free, and they have everything an anime lover might need. The only thing you need is the latest upgraded version of the flash player. You must always update it when possible to be able to watch the shows here. Everything else is easy and user-friendly. Go check it out!

7. Anime Streams

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This one is among the leaders in the online anime community. They have an impressive library and millions of fans. Everything is free and in high definition, as well as easy to look for and open. Their categories are A-Z, English subbed, English dubbed, ongoing, Movies, and so on. You can also request a show from the admins if they happen not to have it.

8. Anilinkz


This is also a good replacement for KissAnime. Their database is nice, they upload frequently, and have both dubbed and subbed content. Therefore, it is useful to everyone. The developers are great, and it seems they too love anime from how frequent and organized they are. The interface is clean and easy to follow. There is no reason to skip over this one for your anime needs!

9. Crunchyroll

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This website was established back in 2006, and it has been receiving more and more followers and attention ever since. In addition, it has content that is not anime as well. They also have shows in languages other than English and Japanese, which makes them unique. They have around 25000 anime episodes and about 15000 hours of great content. However, one catch is that not everything is free. There is a mix of free and premium content on the site.

10. Daisuki

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This is a true anime dedicated website with high quality content. They say real anime companies developed it. Therefore, it offers any anime show you can think of. Both the latest and the rarest episodes can be found here. A sign up is recommended for the best quality, but it is not necessary. Interface is awesome and well-organized.

11. AnimeLand

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This website is considered the number one anime dubbed website currently operating. It is a great replacement for KissAnime. Their videos can be watched in either 480p or 1080p, and the streaming is smooth. No accounts or registrations are needed. Some ads are there, but they need them to be able to pay for everything.

12. AnimePark

Source: animepark.net

Now that we mentioned the best dubbed website, here is the best one for subbed English content. It is free, no account creation is needed, and you can download everything for free. They have more than 4000 anime shows, and all are in HD. Streaming is flawless, and the shows are listed neatly thanks to the clean interface.

13. Anime Planet

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This is perhaps the oldest and most popular anime website in this widespread community of people. They have an impressive database of some 45000 episodes. The site is professionally developed and designed, and although it looks premium, it is completely free. You can personalize the home page to your liking. They also have manga content, and details about the characters from the shows.

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