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The Top 4 Applications To Download Videos To Your Smartphone

We live in an age where everyone is using the internet, and everything is connected to it. From desktop PC’s to game consoles, to smartphones, and even our homes are all connected to the internet.

In times like this, a new application comes out every single day. And rest assured because all of these apps in some way use the internet. But there are interesting types of apps that fulfill a certain role. Namely, these apps allow you to easily download videos to your smartphones. These apps can be downloaded from the Play Store and are free to use. The only downside is they are not available for one of the two major smartphone operating systems, IOS. Yes, the closed operating system of Apple smartphones makes these apps unavailable for iPhones.

But none the less, we are going to take a look at the best 4 apps to download videos to your smartphone.

1. HD Video Downloader

Source: APKPure.com

If the name didn’t give you a hit by now then we don’t know what will. Yes, HD Video Downloader is a popular app on the Play Store that lets you download YouTube videos in HD quality. But this app is not only compatible with YouTube. Quite the contrary, this app is compatible with any major video sharing website on the Internet. You can download videos in AVI, MP3, 3GP, MOV, FLV, WMV, and other video formats, all for free.

2. Tik Tok Video Download

Source: FactorDaily

Tiktokvideodownload.com allows users to download any Tik Tok video without watermarks. What’s even more interesting is that this app lets you download the entire Tik Tok Song Video, without needing to pay for anything. Created with love, by fans, this app is quite easy to use and the entire downloading process is quite straightforward. All you have to do is copy the Tik Tok video, paste it in the URL directory and the video will be ready to download. This app works quite similarly like one of the more popular video downloading apps like “musically download videos.”

3. All Tube Video Downloader Alternatives

Source: APKPure.com

This app lets users download videos from any video sharing and video streaming platform on the internet. It is described by users as an “all in one” package. The app offers users super a fast alternative to video downloading, with easy to use user interface and clear instructions for the entire downloading process. It is designed for both Android and Microsoft smartphones, and it is even said that the app has the potential to download videos much faster than any other video downloading application. The only downside is that it cannot download in anything more than 1080p, which is not really a con.

4. Fox Tube

Source: YouTube

Fox Tube is an amazing app that lets music lovers from all over the world download their favorite music videos from any video sharing platform. It is a portable solution to most video downloading problems, and Fox Tube has that solution in abundance. It lets users create playlists from the downloaded videos, and it works on all platforms including YouTube and Vimeo. This app even lets users watch videos on YouTube in HD and HQ quality. Want to know the best part about Fox Tube? It lets users listen to YouTube music while the phone is locked. Amazing, right?

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