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The Reason behind the Queen Pulling Meghan Markle Aside before the Wedding

It has already been one year since Prince Harry married Meghan Markle. This time last year there were many speculations about the appearance of Meghan’s wedding dress and her family being invited to the wedding. One year after their wedding, Prince Harry and Meghan have just welcomed their son Archie into the family.

Even though it happened last year, their wedding is still being talked about as the most beautiful royal wedding. Despite the fact that this royal event was broadcasted live, there are still some things behind the cameras that we did not see. One of those things is Queen Elizabeth pulling aside Meghan before the ceremony. The question is, why did the queen do that?

All eyes on the bride

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Undoubtedly the wedding preparations were not stress-free for the bride. She was aware that not only will all the guest be looking at her as she walks down the aisle, but all the people around the world who were watching the live stream as well. So it comes as a no surprise that Meghan wanted to make sure every detail of her wedding was perfect since it was going to be remembered for many years. It is not every day that one marries a prince.

Meghan Markle is very involved

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As we already know, Meghan is someone who likes to be closely involved in things regarding her and does not want anyone else to take the reins.  She is very stubborn and particular about things being done. The same can be applied to organizing her wedding, as it is a very special day for any bride.

It is not uncommon for a bride to be stressed before her wedding, so we can understand why Meghan might have been a little intense while explaining to the staff her wishes.

It is worth noting that Meghan Markle’s family drama started about the same time she got engaged to Prince Harry. At that time, she was not on good terms with her brother or sister. Her brother even went as far as to write to letters to Prince Harry persuading him not to marry Meghan. This added more stress to Meghan, right before her big day.

Did the Queen Pull Meghan Markle Aside before the Wedding, and why?

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Presumably, Meghan started being too difficult to handle when it comes to her commanding the royal staff, and it made Queen Elizabeth displeased. Allegedly, Meghan was mad about having tasted egg in a meal that was supposed to be served for the wedding guests without the egg.

Katie Nicholl, who is a royal author, is giving her perspective on the matter. She clarified that it is no wonder that the queen was unhappy with Meghan’s behavior because she was too demanding in the queen’s home, the Windsor Castle. This is why Queen Elizabeth pulled Meghan aside and informed her that in their family, they do not speak to people in that way.

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We already know that Queen Elizabeth is very stern when it comes to the demeanor of the members of the royal family, and that is the reason behind her wanting the staff to be treated with respect. We believe that Meghan had no ill intent while speaking to the staff and got carried away and unintentionally offended some of them.

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