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The Pros and Cons of Calling A Psychic Hotline For Guidance

Psychic readings are getting very common and popular these days. Many more individuals are drawn towards having their futures predicted, as they feel like they need a form of inspiration or a form of control over how their lives will go. As much as many would like to have their psychic predictions done, there are also those who shy away from physical meetings, because they might be too nervous, or they just don’t have the confidence for it.

With this came the increasing popularity of psychic readings through phones or hotlines. If you are leaning towards having one as well, you first need to do your research to come up with a well-informed decision. Websites like Psychics4Today.com offer tips on how to avoid scams and get only legitimate psychic services via phone.

Continue reading below to know more about the pros and cons of psychic readings through the phone:

The Pros

1. It Can Make You Feel More Comfortable

One of the most significant and most apparent advantages of having psychic readings done over hotlines is that it can make you more comfortable and less nervous. People who have visited a psychic have opined that doing so is like heading out to your doctor’s appointment. You are worried because you do not know what to expect. Most people feel better when they talk over the phone first, rather than in person.

Those who aren’t comfortable with face-to-face readings but still want to have one done don’t have to deprive themselves of this opportunity anymore, as there are numerous highly qualified psychic readers that can do it over the phone.

Source: Los Angeles Times

2. It Gives You Time To Decide

When you decide to call a psychic hotline, you may have already come across their profile from the site that you got their number from. Hence, you may already have an idea of who they are as a psychic and how they try to do their readings. You may have even read through their reviews.

To further strengthen your decision, however, you are usually given three to five free minutes for you to decide first as to whether or not you would like to proceed with it. In this manner, you are still given your free will as, at the end of the day, the decision is all up to you.

3. It Is Often Perceived As More Private

Depending on how you see things and arrange your calls, calling a psychic hotline, as your source of guidance can be the more private option in comparison with a physical meeting. When you choose to have psychic advice done through the phone, your identity is anonymous. You can also choose to go to a room where no one can hear you. If you are one who values your privacy, then going for this option may be your best resort.

4. It Gives You More Opportunity To Express Yourself

This point also bounces back to a matter of preference and is also dependent on your personality. For many, it is challenging to put their life into words and express themselves directly, especially in front of a stranger or someone that they aren’t yet comfortable with, or even someone who may seem intimidating to them. With this, psychic calls are the better route to take.

Source: Social Networking – LoveToKnow

How so? People may feel less intimidated about the personal meeting, and it encourages them to better express their thoughts and feelings into words when they are all by themselves, and not in the presence of a stranger. Also, most psychic hotlines start first through an email or a message as you visit their website. Before your very first call, the psychic may have already asked you a few questions via your email, and because you have these all written down beforehand, it becomes easier for you and your psychic to find common ground with each other and to have a starting point.

The Cons

1. It Exposes You To A Higher Chance Of Getting Scammed

Because you aren’t meeting each other face-to-face, there is no denying the fact that you may be at risk of dealing with a fraud. Though there may be numerous real psychics out there, there are also accounts of individuals who have been scammed. When you meet in person, it becomes easier for you to tell that something may be fishy and wrong.

Source: Medium

When you go for psychic readings by phone, however, it becomes a little bit harder for you to decipher whether or not you are truly dealing with a real, expert psychic. But don’t let this dampen your spirits, as the main thing for you to remember is that if there are real and fake doctors, businessmen, lawyers, engineers, and the like, the same holds true for the psychic profession. To ease this worry off your chest, choose wisely and go for highly recommended choices instead.

2. Unscheduled Calls May Happen

In a sense, having psychic readings done through a hotline may be perceived as being more private than physical readings are. You do not meet each other, and your identity is also kept anonymous. However, when the timing is wrong, the psychic reader may call you at an unwanted time. You certainly wouldn’t want to be talking to your psychic while your family or officemates are within earshot.

To help lower the chances of unscheduled calls from happening, be sure to make arrangements with your psychic beforehand as to when it’s a good time to call and when isn’t.

Source: psychiccarole.com


Although there are negative sides to having psychic readings through the phone, the advantages still outweigh all these. At the end of the day, what really matters is your personal preference. Calling a psychic hotline can be because of various reasons, such as choosing a gift based on the right astrology, or future predictions, and even when it comes to life matters. Click here to learn about the former. There are those who don’t subscribe to the predictions of a psychic, while others can rely on them a great deal. If calling a psychic hotline affects you positively and guides your life towards a better direction, then you should definitely give calling a psychic hotline a try. Just remember to choose the right and credible ones.

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