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The Most Exciting Things You Do In Central Park

Central Park, Manhattan, is a place that every single person in New York and afar has visited at least once in their lifetime. Central Park is an amazing place during the summers and there is a lot going on there all year round. If you’re someone who’s planning on heading down Central Park any time soon, this article will serve as a guide to the most exciting things do to.

1. Fishing

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If you’re someone like me who loves to go fishing with friends on the weekends, then Central Park is one of the best places in the area to do sport fishing. Out of the dozens of species of fish in Harlem Meer, the most satisfying to catch is the largemouth bass. People go to Central Park for sports fishing all year round (it’s prohibited during mating season) to catch some amazing big fishes. In Central Park, there is a place not too far from the lake where you can purchase fishing equipment and fishing pass. Anything from fishing rods to bait can be purchased at the Charles A. Dana Discovery Center.

2. Musical Performances

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Central Park is a place full of culture and cultural gathering. As a matter of fact, there is almost a musical performance at Rumsey Playfield almost every month, so why not head down and introduce yourself to a new band? The local SummerStage festival takes place between June 6th and September 16th. SummerStage is the city’s preeminent outdoor concert series and it has been held at Central Park each year for the past three decades.

3. Carriage Ride

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One of the most romantic things you can do in Central Park is to have a carriage ride around the park and surrounding areas. This activity is best taken with your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend, and it is a real sign of love. With dedicated business offering these activities, catching is carriage ride is only but one call away. If you’re interested in this activity, click here for the best carriage rides in the entirety of Manhattan.

4. Visit Belvedere Castle

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Belvedere Castle was closed during 2018 for renovations, and it will open soon. However, did you know that Belvedere Castle is the park’s official weather station? But most importantly, Belvedere Castle is a stunning location that serves as one of the park’s five visitor centers. Created in 1869, Belvedere Castle provides the best view in Central Park due to its height over the adjacent landscape. If that didn’t convince you, Belvedere Castle means “beautiful view” in Italian.

5. Stroll and Row Along the Lake

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The lake in Central Park provides more activities than just fishing. One of the more fun ways to spend a boring summer day in Manhattan is to cool off by boating on the lake. With historical boat landings found on the lake itself, visitors can pay for a boat and row around the lake. Much like a carriage ride, boating on the lake in Central Park is a really romantic way of spending with your spouse. You can also stroll along the lake and see fishermen catching the famous Central Park bass, just remember not to wish them good luck.

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