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The importance of picking the right people for your team

“Excelling in music sometimes means being surrounded by a strong and reliable team. For songwriters, assembling a dream team (physically or virtually, if possible) could be the difference between achieving your goals and falling short.

Who should be on your team? In our opinion, you should choose people who have the same basic value structure as yourself to be on your team. At the same time, each member should have a different portfolio of talents to prevent overlaps. For example, one individual could be good at creating powerful lyrics and using metaphors, another could have an eye for cadence and structure, while yet another might have a gift for editing.

In addition, you want the people you choose to have a sense of adventure. People who, whether win or lose, will remain “all in” with great enthusiasm. One more thing: it isn’t necessary for your songwriting team to always work together in peace, but there needs to be mutual respect and a shared sense of purpose.”  ~ Tunedly, innovative music production and publishing solution for growth-oriented songwriters.

Source: Forbes

This advice relates to music, obviously, because of my association with a music company. However, I have come to realize that this advice can be applied to many other life situations. The fact is that many people simply won’t view things the way you do or have the same drive. Some will try to pull you down while others will go in a different direction when you try to lean on them for advice and support. Still, there are others who will act supportive, only to try and drain you of whatever they think you have to offer. Hence, you have to be vigilant and meticulous about who you have on your team, whether professionally or personally, what positions they play, and whether they are suitable playing that role in the grand scheme of your life.

This especially applies to people in your circle, including friends, co-workers, and family. While you need these people around (since no one is an island), it doesn’t necessarily mean they all are fit to be on your team if you have certain goals you want to achieve. Beyond friendship, you need to find out what value system they have, their outlook on life, and whether their passions mesh with yours. Asking questions, sharing your opinions and views, as well as taking time to listen to others will tell you where their headspace is at. Of course, some people can be deceptive, while others might not be sure of themselves just yet but don’t be in a rush to consider someone on your team until you’re sure they can be the type of team player you’re looking for.

Source: Inc.

You wouldn’t just hire anyone if you were starting a business, for instance, regardless of how talented they might appear to be. You would first check out a prospect’s credentials, view their portfolio, and interview them to see if their attitude would be compatible with your brand. In the case of a business, if even just one party is pulling in a different direction, and you fail to rectify that team member, your company could struggle or, worse, fail.

Almost every great undertaking involved a solid team. Likewise, many ships have sunk due to a weak team. It’s cliché but as they say, a chain is as strong as its weakest link, so choose who you want to be (and keep) on your team wisely. At the same time, do your best to be a valuable member of whatever team you wind up on. You first need to be the person you want others to be before you can expect the same.

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