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The Gear Every Construction Worker Needs

People working in the construction industry require a variety of tools and gear so that they can do their job flawlessly and prevent any unnecessary injuries. Tools and gear are what make a construction worker’s life easier while on the job. They are a necessity, rather than a luxury, and every construction worker has great use of them.

But if browsing through industrial catalogs has taught us anything is that there are many tools out there that make the job even easier. In this article, we are going to talk about the gear that every construction worker needs.

1. Measuring Tape

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This might come off as a surprise, at number one, but measuring tape is the first item that a construction worker or a handyman needs to have in his toolbox. There are many types of measuring tapes that can span out in a variety of lengths.  Some can even be up to 100 feet long, but what use does a construction worker have of measuring tape? As the name suggests, measuring tapes are used to measure things and a lot of things need to be measured in the construction industry.

2. Helmet

The helmet is the most basic of gear that every construction worker must have on him at all times. Helmets protect the wearer’s head from an injury that would otherwise be fatal. They are made from sturdy plastic that doesn’t penetrate easily. There are a lot of risks involved in the construction industry, and it is the industries with the most fatalities. So the necessary precautions must be taken to ensure safety on the job.

3. Gloves

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Gloves are yet another type of basic gear that you see on most construction workers. Gloves are used to protect the wearer’s fingers from various objects while on the job. Gloves have advanced a lot in recent years and they come in various grades from cut resistant gloves to stainless-steel impact resistant ones. For any construction worker, gloves are a necessity, and you can browse some of the finest qualities if you click here.

4. Hammer

Can you imagine a construction worker without a hammer on his belt? No, neither can we, and it is the reason why we’ve put it on our list. Hammers are used to hammering things down while on the job, and there is a lot of hammering going around while on the job. The most basic use of a hammer is for nailing, and while nail guns are becoming more and more popular, hammers still end up in a construction worker’s toolbox.

5. Boots

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Just like gloves and helmets, boots are yet another type of construction gear that keeps our toes safe. A lot of accidents can occur while on the job, and the ones who usually suffer are our feet. Boots are what protect us from falling debris and various other things. There have been huge strides made in the work boots industry and work boots nowadays come with a lot of features from cedar chips, to protective soles, to even moisture absorber and odor elimination.

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