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The Game of Thrones Finale Survival Guide

Did the series finale of the iconic Game of Thrones leave you in absolute shock?

Were you not expecting Bran to become King Bran of Westeros?

Are you hoping that the geniuses at Caltech and MIT will build a time machine so we can go back in time and tell David Benioff and Dan Weiss to alter the final episode drastically?

If you are, join the party.

Reports have been coming in from all over the country of a section of viewers going crazy, throwing hissy fits and being unable to sleep in dismay.

The female viewers seem to be pretty upset as well.

Frisky understands that this is a difficult time for you. And that is why Frisky is bringing out this Survival Guide that is aimed at helping you (and your significant other, if you have one) cope with this devastating turn of events.

Survival Guide #1 – Join the fight

Source: South China Morning Post

In possibly the first event of this kind, multiple petitions are being floated on change.org urging HBO, the network behind Game of Thrones, to remake the entire final season with competent writers.

The largest one among them seems to have gathered more than one and a half million signatures and is still going strong. In a sign of how unprecedented this is, this petition has been featured on techcrunch, Vox and the Daily Mail.

Why don’t you sign and join the fight?

Survival Guide #2 – Binge watch earlier seasons

Source: Los Angeles Times

Living in the past is not a good thing. It gives you a false sense of hope and can actually sap your energy to move forward.

However, reliving some past times is not a bad thing. It acts as a sweet oasis in an ocean of despair.

So, pick your day. Take that day off work. Clear your schedule. Put your phone on silent mode.

Order in. I would personally go for a pizza to kick things off, followed by Thai or Indian with some mojitos (which you’ll have to prepare yourself) to top things off.

Curl up on the sofa and binge-watch your favorite season of GoT.

It won’t change that sinking feeling you had while watching the ending, or indeed, the entire final season, but it will take you back to happier times and make you happy.

Survival Guide #3 – Catch up on some on-the-set and off-the-set deets

Source: StyleCaster

It’s always so gratifying to know what goes on off-the-show but on-the-set, isn’t it? And even off-the-set – this kind of gossip has a special place in our hearts, Lord knows why.

Did you know that one of the GoT cast members had gotten tired of shooting scenes in her birthday suit?

Or that Emilia Clarke is a ‘yuuuge’ fan of Matt ‘How You Doin?’ Le Blanc? She said so, blushing furiously, right in front of Matt Le Blanc, on The Graham Norton Show.

Catching up on all these issues might take your mind off that final season.

Survival Guide #4 – Go wine tasting

Source: Wine Spectator

Hang on, you may ask.

How did I go from binge-watching your favorite GoT season and catching up on gossip to wine tasting?

The answer’s very simple.

Is sipping wine ever a bad idea?

Survival Guide #5 – Your choice

Source: New York Post

You could go axe throwing. The strenuous activity may reduce the feeling of gloom and release some of that pent-up anger and frustration at the rather slipshod finale.

You could solve a murder. Relax, I’m talking about escape rooms. I’m not actually suggesting you suddenly become Sharon Rayder (from Major Crimes) or a bank robber. Check out Solve The Room NJ.

Start vipassana. Meditation helps you control your mind, let go of exasperation and achieve clarity.

Every show has to end some time. Ending on a high note and quitting while ahead is a requisite quality of a good show.

However, when the ending is as vexing as that of Game of Thrones, we really can’t fault ourselves for feeling depressed and angry.

Hopefully, this too shall pass. Just take the tips from this Survival Guide and you will be free of that disappointed feeling and ready and willing to move forward.

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