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The Best Sites for Watching Free Movies Online

If you want to watch movies for free without having to download them, there are a number of sites you can use. So, we decided to handpick the best streaming sites you can use without having to download anything.

The Best Sites for Watching Free Movies Online


This site features a popups free interface, as well as, a huge collection of TV series and movies, which require no downloading or registration to watch. The quality is excellent and the streaming is very fast. Even though the movies aren’t divided into genres or IMDB rating, you can just type the movie name into the search box and you will get relevant results.


This is a feature rich website which allows you to watch movies without the annoying advertisement or popups. You won’t have to sign up, but you will need to disable an adblocker extension if you use one. The new release movies are available, but the quality is not HD. You can also watch TV shows and the service is available on iPad, iPhone and Android.


Source: YouTube

This is a site for free movies and TV shows which doesn’t require downloading. It gives you an option to check top rated movies and most voted movies. You can also select a movie by category in the genres option.


You probably know and use YouTube on a daily basis, but this video-sharing website also offers free movies. You can find a movie you like via the search option, but you won’t find any new releases there.


Source: My True Media

This site features a huge collection of TV shows and movies you can watch after registering on the site. You can find popular TV shows and the highest rated movies on Go123Movies. Moreover, you will get all the necessary info about the movie, including category, release date, budget, run time, cast, plot, and IMDB rating.


Source: YouTube

This is a very popular site which offers movies and TV series in HD quality. You don’t have to sign up or download anything. You can find movies from everywhere in the world only by searching it in the Genre section. The only downside is that it comes with adds and popups at the beginning of a movie.


This site features movies and TV series for free. The available movies are categorized by IMDB rating and genres. Even though there are popups, there is a huge collection of movies from every genre. The supported countries include the USA, Korea, China, and the UK.


Source: Outside Art Band

This is another great website for free movies and it even offers the latest collection of movies from different countries around the world. You can search for the movie you want to watch and play it in HD.


This is a new website which allows you to watch TV shows and movies without registration or downloading. The movies are organized in categories and there is also an A-Z list. Besides the fact that there are no ads, there are many confusing streaming links. Every movie or TV shows comewith information like quality, genre, director, country, and IMDB rating.


Source: Mardo Mak

This is a site which offers movies, such as Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, South Indian dubbed movies and Tamil movies. There is a large collection of TV shows and it requires no sign up or downloads. There are no annoying ads and the streaming quality is superb.


This is another great site for free movies and TV series, which is categorized according to the genre, country, and IMDB rating. There is also a downloading option and you can find the movie you like in the search box.


Source: Movie Downloading

This is a popup free movie website which requires no registration. You can find lists of trending and Top IMDB movies, as well as, video quality, IMDB rating, movie plot, and additional information.


Fmovies provides a huge number of movies and TV series you can watch for free. The movies are categorized according to country, genre, A-Z list, most watched, release year, and cinema movies. There are no popups and only a few ads. The streaming quality is HD CAM, HD 720, CAM, VOD and HD RIP.


Source: At The Cinema

This site offers free movies and TV shows from a number of countries. There is a huge collection of movies based on genre and you will learn about IMDB rating, movie plot, country, and genre. It comes with a neat interface and it’s quite similar to premium movie platforms.


This is an excellent movie streaming website which provides movies in HD quality. You won’t need to sign up, but there is a limited collection of movies. There are only a number of popups and the site offers all the information about the movie.


Source: Head in the Game

This site doesn’t require sign up or downloading, but it offers full-length movies and TV series. It comes with some ads, but the quality is HD and you’ll soon forget about the ads. It is the ideal platform for Bollywood and Hollywood movies.


This is a great site to watch movies free online without downloading and registration. It offers a huge collection of movies, as well as, easy to use interface. You can watch movies and TV shows in high definition quality without popups or ads.

Amazon Prime

Source: Head in the Game

Amazon Prime is a website where you can find a countless number of movies and TV shows to watch online in HD quality. There are no advertisements and you can use this site on any devices. There is a 30-day free trial you can use if you want to watch movies on legal movie streaming platforms.


This is probably one of the best free streaming movie sites which offer a huge collection of movies in good quality. You can use it to watch new release movies without downloading them.


This site comes with no popups or adds and an enormous collection of movies and TV series to watch online for free. You won’t have to sign up or download anything, but just search the movies collection by genre, country and IMDB rating.

Source: updateland.com

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