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The Best Garment Steamers for 2019

Garment steamers, or clothes steamers, are very helpful every-day and multi-purpose appliances that each household should have. Garment steamers are used as a substitute to an iron and ironing board because they work faster and they perform the same task better.  Garment steamers remove wrinkles from clothes far much easier than an iron and iron board. They are more compact than an iron and ironing board and they are easier to use. So it makes sense for every household to have one such appliance.

But how do you know which are the best ones in our free market? In this article, we are going to take a look at the best garment steamers for 2019.

1. Conair Travel Smart Garment Steamer

Source: Amazon

The Travel Smart steamer from the trusted brand Conair is the perfect garment steamer if you’re on a budget. This steamer weights no more than 1 pound and it heats up super fast. The tank has a capacity of 10 minutes of un-wrinkling dress shirts with no problem what so ever. It might be hard to get super wrinkles off a suit jacket, but the purpose of this garment streamer is to be a portable solution for all of your steaming needs. This garment steamer costs nothing, compared to other units, and it can even be packed in a suitcase when traveling. You can find a more in-depth analysis of garment steamers and other household appliances at DomesticMarvels.com

2. Epica Steamer 800 Watt Handheld Fabric Steamer

Source: SmartHome.Guide

The Epica Steamer takes no less than two minutes to heat up the entire tank, and it has a steaming capacity of 12 minutes. That’s incredibly fast if we take into consideration that the tank size is 7 ounces. This 800 Watt handheld fabric steamer from Epica is a quick and convenient solution for all of you steaming needs. It can steam any fabric with great ease and great effect. The compactness of the Epica 800 makes it great from traveling, and its lightweight further enhances that.

3. Pure Enrichment Pure Steam Fabric Steamer

Source: Amazon

Yet another portable solution for all your travel steaming needs, the Pure Enrichment Pure Steam Fabric Steamer has 10 minutes of steam time and it takes no more than 2 minutes to heat up a tank size of 4.3 ounces. The design of this beauty makes this garment steamer a must-have appliance for your everyday steaming needs. With a 2 year warranty, this garment steamer is well worth your money. It removes wrinkles with little to no effort, and the compactness makes it a top pick when you’re on the road or heading out the door.

4. Steamfast Steamer – Model SF-407

Source: Rakuten

The Model SF-407 from Steamfast is yet another excellent appliance for all of your steaming needs. This steamer, however, is much larger and less compact than the other ones we’ve reviews because its purpose is to do heavy duty clothes steaming. With a tank size of 40 ounces, this steamer can go as long as 75 minutes before needing a refill. It takes less than an hour to completely heat up the entire tank and it goes on four wheels. The Model SF-407 is a 1500 watt garment steamer that can steam anything you set out before him. The steamer comes with a 4.3 feet hose that allows you to operate it easily.

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