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The Best Game Optimizers for popular games

The excitement of playing games can get ruined when it starts to get difficult to beat someone or when the game starts to lag. This is something that a lot of players face quite often. This is where game boosters come in. They will help you with passing level, learning more about your characters, as well as gain more insights in your ranking. Hence, here is a list of the best game boosters that you can get:

Game optimizer for Heroes of the Storm – Crazyboost

Source: Kill Ping

This company will give you three options for boosting:

1. More account power leveling from 1 to 40

2. You will gain a hero league boost by categories

3. You will also be able to choose a coaching service in order to improve your skills

The company has its own support team that you can reach by using the website’s live chat, Skype, or email. Also, you can choose from two languages that are offered on the site, Russian and English. To find out where you can get this, visit this website.

Game Optimizer for DOTA 2 – Boostmmr

Source: HellRaisers

This is perhaps one of the most popular services for DOTA 2 fans. The boosters they offer have a top MMR which is the same as 6500. They will give you various options and here are some of them:

1. Chat with your booster while you are working on your account

2. You will be able to watch all the games and at the same time, your accounts MMR will learn how to perform and play better

3. Almost all the order will start within 24 hours, which is quite good for DOTA 2 services.

4. The boosters will not communicate with anyone from your friend list.

5. You can live stream while your booster is playing

6. You can always access the match history which is regularly updated on the site

7. You will be able to choose a position and role which the booster will play

Game Optimizer for League of Legends – Boosteria

Source: Dexerto

LoL is one of the most popular games in the world. They have recently reached 100 million registered players. Since there is a lot of LoL companies to choose from, you might wonder why Boosteria is the best one? Well, it is because of the high efficiency and low prices. They only accept boosters with good background and history and they are not allowed to have any suspensions of their accounts. The features are:

1. The order starts in 5 minutes after you buy it

2. You will be able to live chat with the person working on your account

3. You can review the person that boosted your account

4. There is a support center that will always be there to help you

5. When compared to other companies that provide the same service, the prices are quite cheap

6. You will need to check their own portfolio before you make an order

– So, you do not need to ask yourself why it is the best one after you have read this list of features.


Source: Inverse

There are various companies that work on boosting your accounts and as you were able to see, we only listed the most popular and the best ones. However, keep in mind that you should choose everything yourself.

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