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The Benefits Of The Best Self Cleaning Litter Box When Owning A Cat

A cat is one of the most adorable pets one could have. Even though they have a reputation of being cold and grumpy, once they warm up to you, it’s like you’ve gained the highest honor ever.

Taking care of felines require some dedication, especially when cleaning their litter boxes. If you’re getting tired of cleaning after your cat, here are some reasons why you should invest in self-cleaning litter boxes:

Your Cat Won’t Poop Everywhere

Source: We’re All About Cats

Cats like being clean. Most of them may hate water baths, but they can clean and groom themselves. They also prefer humans to leave them alone while cleaning themselves. When it comes to doing their business, cats like to do it on clean spots. That’s why litter boxes need to stay clean always.

If your cat refuses to poop on the litter box, it could be because you didn’t clean it. A self-cleaning litter box will make your cat more comfortable doing its business on the litter box instead of other areas in your house.

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Saves a Lot of Time

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Cleaning the litter box multiple times every day can take a lot of your time. If you’re busy, you might even forget to clean it. Then your cat will refuse to do its business, or your kids might accidentally touch the dirty litter. Don’t wait for the odor to be so strong that it manages to stink up the entire house.

A self-cleaning litter box significantly cuts the amount of time you spend with the litter box. Since you won’t have to scoop every time your cat does its business, the only job you’ll have to do is to refill it with litter and throw away the collected dirty litter at least once a day.

No More Scooping

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Handling poop is a messy and gross business. Aside from being dirty and smelly, it can have lots of harmful bacteria that may be dangerous for your health. If you have kids in your home, they’re most at risk of contracting germs and bacteria from litter boxes, especially if they unknowingly touch the litter box.

A self-cleaning litter box will reduce the likelihood of people from accidentally touching or stepping into a dirty litter box. It automatically cleans itself after every time your cat uses it, so it’s clean all the time.

When you have to clean the litter box, there’s also less chance of you touching the dirty litter. There’s a separate compartment for the dirty litter that you can remove and transfer its contents in a garbage bag, then throw it away.

Odor Control 

Source: Pet-Products

If you don’t clean up after your cat uses the litter box, the waste will stay there until you scoop and throw it away. The smell could linger and may even get stronger if there’s too many. Self-cleaning litter boxes have separate compartments for the waste. It effectively neutralizes the odor, so it won’t make your house smell like only cats live there.

You’ll Only Need One

There are many cat breeds out there, and all of them are cute and lovable. If you have multiple cats at home, you won’t need a litter box for each of them. You’ll only need one self-cleaning litter box.

As mentioned earlier, in addition to cats doing their business on clean litter boxes, they can also be territorial creatures. Thus, they may refuse to do it on a spot where they smell another cat. The litter box has to be clean all the time, so other cats can comfortably do their business there.

Lets You Leave the House for Long Periods

Source: TechRadar

If you need to go away for a work thing, or maybe you want to go on a much-needed vacation, one of your problems would be how to clean your cat’s litter box while you’re gone. The usual solution would be to ask someone to look after your cat. But what if nobody’s available?

The best thing about technology is that it made taking care of our pets easier than ever before. Self-cleaning litter boxes allow you to not worry about cleaning up after your cat every time they use it.

Final Thoughts

It’s no secret that the lovable felines have stolen the hearts of many people. There are millions of cat videos you’ll find on the Internet, and a lot of people would say that we are their slaves. Well, we do feed them and clean up after them, so there might be some truth to that. But, nobody says you’re not allowed to make cleaning up after them quick and easy by investing in a self-cleaning litter box.

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