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The benefits of a low-carb Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet is based on the custom food that people used to eat in countries like Greece and Italy in the ‘60s. Researchers noted that people on this diet are quite healthy and that they have a low risk of illnesses compared to Americans. Various studies showed that this diet can cause weight loss and help prevent illnesses like strokes, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and premature death. There is not a specific way to follow the diet since many countries around the Mediterranean sea eat different foods.

The benefits of the Mediterranean diet

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The Mediterranean diet revolves around vegetables, fruits, nuts, olive oil, whole grains, and legumes, ingredients that are good for everything from your bones to your brains. If you consistently follow this type of diet, it can help with various things, hence here is a list of benefits that you can gain from preparing meals from the Mediterranean diet:

1. It is good for your heart

This is the biggest benefit of being on a Mediterranean diet. It has been linked to a decreased risk of stroke, premature death, and heart disease, which is associated with overall, better heart health. That is mostly because the diet is high in omega-3s which are good for the heart. The omega-3s can be found in nuts, olive oil, seafood, and antioxidants which are gained from all the vegetables and fruits.

2. It boosts brain health

The healthy fats found in this diet are good for your brain as well. 1864 people participated in a study which found that those on the Mediterranean diet were less likely to suffer for Alzheimer’s or other cognitive illnesses in old age. In fact, there is a direct connection between eating fish and a lowered risk of getting Alzheimer’s.

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3. It can help with anxiety and depression

There is a good reason why psychiatrists make a diet rich in healthy fats and vegetables as a major part in treating patients with anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses. The carotenoids found in spinach, eggs, and kale has shown to boost the good bacteria in the stomach, and in return, it will also boost your mood.

4. It can stabilize blood sugar

This diet is all about whole grains and healthy carbs that come with big benefits. Consuming whole grain carbs, like wheatberries, quinoa, and buckwheat, instead of refined carbs will help keep your blood sugar even, as well as help with your energy during the day. If you want to get some inspiration for Mediterranean diet dishes, you should visit healthnewstips.today.

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5. It is connected to reducing the risk of cancer

When researchers checked 27 studies (in which over 2 million people participated in), they found out that this diet is connected to a reduced risk of cancer, especially breast, gastric, and colon cancers.

6. It promotes a healthy weight loss plan

Since there is a lot of fiber in this diet, it is helpful with losing and managing your weight. You feel more full when consuming foods that are high in fiber, which will help you with your metabolism and weight loss. The key to this? Replacing usual carbohydrates with fibrous vegetables, fruits, beans, and legumes.

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7. It is linked to living longer

The benefits mentioned above might seem like they are enough, however, this diet is also linked to living longer. Primarily because of the mentioned benefits that you can gain.


By following the Mediterranean diet, you will be able to decrease the risk of getting some illnesses, as well as live a healthier and longer life.

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