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Technology Hacks: Recover Your Password

Passwords are a delicate mix of words, numbers, and sometimes characters that are used to generate a safety phrasing for a specific account. When we generate a password, we then use that password to enter a specific website or account, while on the internet. Anything from your social media account, to your bank credentials, use passwords. So you can imagine that they are extremely important in modern day society.

It’s’ because of those reasons why hackers and cybercriminals are after our most precious passwords to gain entrance to our accounts. If one gets a hold of our PayPal for an example, he can do whatever he likes without us ever knowing about it.  But another problem, often regarded as a self-destructive problem, is that we can often time lose or forget our password.

This is seen as a problem because you would then need to recover your password. Recovering your password is a fairly straightforward task that requires two minutes of your time and access to your email (for most non-email accounts).

Password Recovery Process

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Let’s give you an example of how to recover your Facebook password.

Social media accounts are extremely valuable to us. We live in an age where social media has a huge influence over us, and our social media accounts can be very influential to others. When losing your Facebook password, you would need to press the “forgot password” button that is located around the login section.

You would then need to enter your email address or phone number so that Facebook can recognize and confirm that the account holder is really you. Once you confirm everything they ask from you, they will send a recovery email to your email address.

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Once you open the link in the email, it will open a new screen where they will ask you to generate a new password. Once you generate the new password, assuming all criteria is met; Facebook will ask you to log in using your new password.

Once you’ve completed that, you would have successfully changed your lost password.

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This straightforward process takes no more than two to five minutes of your time, depending on how much you struggle with generating a new password. For a “pro tip”, always make sure to have your account passwords written somewhere on paper. Keeping account information on your PC can be extremely risky as you could get virus infected that could steal that precious data and gain access to your accounts.

Source: GitLab Documentation

Every online account you make uses password protection that is unique to you so you can gain entrance to that service or website. Online bank accounts use passwords, social media accounts use a password, your email address uses a password, etc. To ensure that you never lose your password or log-in information, always have them written somewhere in a notebook.

To increase safety, most services and websites have allowed you to protect your account with a 2F authenticator. This is a simple Google authentication code which you need to input every time you log in to a specific account. To enable 2F authentication, you have to download a barcode scanner on your smartphone and scan the dedicated barcode from a specific website.

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