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Taylor Alesia Height, Boyfriends, Net Worth 2019, Bio

Taylor Alesia is one of the most popular Youtubers on the planet. She was born October 13, 1996, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Her Zodiac sign is Libra. Taylor has one older sister.

After finishing high school, Taylor enrolled in college, but soon dropped out in order to focus on her career. She moved to New York and started appearing on social media regularly. Her Instagram account was popular even when she was in high school, but now has millions of followers.

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Taylor’s romantic relationships have been stormy. She said that she dated social media star, Taylor Caniff in 2015 and that the relationship lasted eight months. Caniff denies this and is threatening her with a lawsuit if she doesn’t retract that statement. Next, she got in a short relationship with Mikey Barone, which ended turbulently. They are still exchanging jabs on social media.

Currently, Taylor is dating a fellow Youtuber Tanner Fox. For a while, the fans thought that they have broken up after she moved to Arizona in 2017, but their relationship actually ended in 2018. It turned out that long distance relationship can’t work.

She got into some trouble when she published a video of Grier brothers, Nash and Hayes, smoking a suspicious-looking cigarette. She was accused of clout stealing and bashed on YouTube by many.

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Music Career

In 2017, Taylor started her music career by releasing a song titled Stay the Night. So far, it has attracted over nine million views.

Her dog Dunkin also has an Instagram account, with hundreds of thousands of followers. Taylor regularly updates it with his latest adventures.

Taylor’s YouTube channel has 1.4 million subscribers and her Instagram account is even more popular, with 1.9 million followers. She also has 177,000 followers on Twitter and 47,000 on streaming platform YouNow.

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Net Worth

All these activities have brought her hefty earnings and Taylor Alesia net worth is estimated at $500,000. Considering that she is just 22, she will undoubtedly increase her net worth in the coming years.

Full Name

Taylor Alesia Compton.


She is 5 ft or 152.5 cm.

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