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Swimsuits For Every Body Type

Hot, sunny days are nearly here, and it is time to start looking for a perfect swimsuit that will make us look fierce throughout the summertime. According to your body shape, here are the best swimsuit design that will fit you perfectly.


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Wider waist and narrow shoulders. This body type demands that you put the accent on your upper part of the swimsuit, while the bottom should be minimalistic, and simple. High waist bottoms are perfect for this type of figure.

Hourglass figure

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Wider waist, shoulders, and breast need to be supported by a swimsuit that will hold everything in its place. Vertical lines are the best for your body figure, so choose the ones with vertical lines or some swimsuits that have simple prints on it.


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This body type has little, or none curves. You should avoid flat swimsuits, but you can choose fringe ones to put an accent to your whole body. Also, pick colorful ones, that will express your body more.


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Wide shoulders, but narrow hips. This type is perfect for more feminine designs. If you want to put an accent to your hips, choose the ones that are narrowing down from the back. If you want to put an accent to your breasts, choose the upper part that has a lot of details on it.

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