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Sun Exposure Effects on Your Skin

Sun exposure is the main cause of most skin related issues. The harmful UV rays can cause sunspots, visible signs of aging, pigmentation, and damage to skin texture.

How can Sun Rays Damage Skin?

Sun rays can be both helpful and harmful. Sunlight is important to produce Vitamin D in the body but there are ways in which sun rays can be harmful to us.

Sunlight consists of UV (Ultraviolet) rays and there are three types of these rays- UVA, UVB, and UVC.

UVC is the worst out of these three but it is blocked by the ozone layer hence we need not worry about that. UVA is the major part of these UV rays and UVB though makes up less of UV rays but is of high intensity.

Source: Dr Justine Kluk

Overexposure to the sun can cause these UV rays to penetrate through our skins outer layer (epidermis) and reach the inner layer (dermis). The outer skin layer contains melanin which protects our skin from sun damage while creating vitamin D. You must be aware of the fact that dark-skinned people have more melanin than fair-skinned people hence people with lighter skin can burn easier. Excessive sun exposure allows these harmful UV rays to reach inner skin and damage cells causing various skin related issues.

Damages Over Exposure to Sun can Cause:

Cause Early Aging:

Too much sun exposure may cause significant damage to your skin such as damaging collagen and elastic skin tissues which results in sagging skin and wrinkles. UV rays can cause spots on the skin along with blackheads on the surface. All these symptoms are signs of aging which can be postponed by limiting the sun exposure.

Source: Health Magazine


Sunburn is quite common, but it is painful altogether. It does not appear immediately but after a few hours of overexposure, you will be able to notice rashes and blisters. In extreme cases, you may experience nausea, headache or fever. This can be cured by applying ointments but may take a few days to heel.

When your skin burns, the white blood cells get to work to repair the skin and form new cells, this may jeopardize with your immunity in other areas. Hence, sunburn can also result in lowering the immune system.

Source: Medibank

Heat Rash:

Heat rashes occur due to excessive sweat when the perspiration is trapped under the skin. It looks like small pimples or blisters on the skin. This can be avoided or treated by keeping a cool body temperature and by preventing sweating.

Skin Cancer

Long sun exposures may cause excessive sun damage to the skin and if this happens quite often, it increases the risk of developing skin cancer.

Other than the above skin damages, overexposure to sun may also cause eye injuries due to the harmful UV rays damaging eye tissue. Too much sun can burn the cornea in eyes causing blurry vision. Over time there is a high chance of developing a cataract.

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What You Should Do:

The solution is simple, do not spend too much time in the sun. Minimum exposure to the sun is necessary to fulfill your Vitamin D needs but overexposure needs to be avoided. You can use a sunscreen lotion and do not forget to apply it 15 minutes before you go in the sun. Cover yourself up with cloths and leave minimum skin exposed to sun or use an umbrella, this will prevent sunburn. Limit going out during the afternoons to avoid the sun when its intensity is highest. If you already have skin issues due to damage caused by over sun exposure, visit integrativewellnessny.com , they can help in reviving your skin’s texture by their unique holistic approach. Bringing these small changes in your routine can push away aging far away and make your skin feel fresh and look young.

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