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Should you buy Winawood garden furniture? 

If you have a garden, you know how much time and energy goes into maintaining it so it would look beautiful all year round. The grass, the flowers, the path, the fence, and the furniture work together to make the garden look nice and cozy meaning every part needs to be carefully selected and incorporated into the picture. The furniture is a pretty important part of every garden as it represents something you’ll interact with almost every day. You can go outside, drink coffee, and watch your kids or pets play while reading a book, or you can host memorable parties. That’s why you should take enough time to search for the perfect garden furniture.

One material that looks especially good in every garden is wood. It can be easily incorporated into every environment and gives that natural, earthy feeling to the garden which is also incredibly stylish. However, wood requires serious maintenance. If you don’t take time to look after your wooden garden furniture, it can easily lose all of its beauty and become unusable. That’s why Winawood was presented to the world. As gardencentreshopping.co.uk explains, Winawood is a material made from a polymer of different types of plastic and compacted into blocks, and the best part about it is that it looks exactly like wood but doesn’t require all that maintenance.

Source: Winawood™ Zero Maintenance Garden Furniture

You can easily find whatever piece of Winawood furniture you’re looking for from elegant dining sets to romantic benches. Also, there are numerous different colors and shades to choose from meaning there is something for everyone. While dark brown or white are usually considered as more elegant options, teak or duck egg green are more playful options. You can easily incorporate Winawood furniture into any type of garden.

If you’re living in a place where the weather changes all too often, weatherproof furniture is a must-have. You need something that will not be ruined by rain, snow or frequent temperature oscillations. Here’s where Winawood comes in. It gives the effect of real, natural wood instead of plastic while still being weatherproof and will last year after year with zero maintenance. No varnishing, painting, or any kind of treatment is necessary. Simply leave your furniture outside and uncovered during the entire year. You can rest assured that your bench, dining or coffee set will not rot or warp no matter what. Furthermore, this type of furniture is easily assembled in just a few short minutes allowing anyone to assemble the set by themselves.

Source: Robert Dyas

Harwood benches can look amazing in your garden but will require you to oil it regularly. With time, it can easily come to the point where you’ll need to apply a new coat every couple of months in order to keep the furniture looking fresh. Another advantage of Winawood furniture is the fact that is eco-friendly! By saying no to unsustainable wooden furniture, you’re helping save the forests and are getting yourself a garden set that will not need replacing every few years.

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