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Salice Rose Net Worth 2019, Facts, Bio, Life, Height

Salice Rose is a popular Instagram influencer and famous social media celebrity. If you want to find out more about this American beauty just continue reading about her personal and business life. In the article below you can read about interesting facts and net worth.

Source: Instagram @salicerose

Quick Facts

Nick Name: Salsa Roja, Popeyes Queen

Birthday: November 20, 1994

Nationality: American

Age: 24 Years

Sun Sign: Scorpio

Born In: California

Occupation: Instagram Star, YouTuber

Height: 165

Het Worth 2019: 5 million

Source: Instagram @salicerose

Salice Rose is an Instagram celebrity who gains popularity through posting videos on this platform. When she started posting videos on Instagram she got more than 7.6 million followers for a very short period o time. She did not post so many pictures on the feed but she regularly uploads Stories, and her number of followers rapidly jump when option My Story appeared on SnapChat. Her hair color is brunette but she often dyes her hair in various colors and posts the process of that on Instagram. Followers love her and she is supported by them whatever she does on profile. Salice is down to earth person, and the followers understand very easy her content on the Instagram platform. She sings, dances on her Stories, and with acting describe some interactions in life. Salice makes interesting clips, with funny talks, dancing and interesting music in the background.

Source: Instagram @salicerose

Her Way Up to The Instagram Star

Six years ago Salice Rose posted her first photo on Instagram, and she could not imagine that she will be that kind of celebrity. People easily react to her content and at the moment she is a huge star on Instagram, Twitter (180k followers), and YouTube (120k subscribers).

On Facebook, Salice has more than 1.5 million followers, and from 2015 and My Story option she got 5K followers each day. Salice is a brand ambassador for many clothes companies, and in her videos, she pays attention to the problems of the young population. She gives a solution in her videos, how to resolve everyday problems.

Source: Instagram @salicerose

What Makes Salice So Special

This girl is very attractive and beautiful, and her main strength on social platforms is her relationship with the followers because they love her and the content she makes. The young population can relate to the content she makes for the social platforms and they support each other all the time. The topics of her videos are everyday problems and solution of them from her experience.  Her manner is friendly, and everyone who watched her videos think that she is a person who understands their problems. Her good advice brings her popularity and fame on social platforms. In the first place, she is sincere with her followers and they love it from the beginning.

Source: Instagram @salicerose

Beyond Fame

Even though she has a huge number of followers on every social platform she was criticized because she tried collaboration with other celebrities in her videos. Rumors have it that she often was criticized that she is a fake person and that her videos are not sincere, and at the top of everything that she is gay. Many of the followers are bothered with her name because she is not using her real name, she uses a fake one. She was disappointed with all of these rumors, but she did not stable upon them, she became only stronger. She also promoted at some point on her Instagram waist training products which helped her lost two inches from her waist. Many controversies were made from this, so she deleted those photos, and they are not anymore on her feed. This all does not matter because she is more popular each day, and she finds the recipe for making successful viral content.

Source: Instagram @salicerose

Behind The Curtains

She was exposed to the Spanish language from an early age because she has Peruvian descent. She has two brothers, but we do not know much about her personal life. She is a big food lover, and her favorite food is pizza rolls, hot cheetos, smore tarts and popeyes. Salice loves watching series and movies on Netflix, and in her videos, she speaks English even though she knows Spanish.

Source: Instagram @salicerose

Fun Fact

Salice Rose is a huge lover of R&B singer and performer Trey Songz.

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