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Renting Made Easy: Resident Portals and the Benefits They Provide

With more reliance on the internet and online communication, the speed of transactions has increased significantly, and thanks to these innovations, the rental process has been updated as well. According to Rentcafe, potential renters are now able to search for apartments on secure websites, rather than having to browse through newspapers. You can filter your options and find the best fit for you. Moreover, other avenues that rely on communication are now much more efficient thanks to resident portals, which work great for both renters and landlords.

Online portals are platforms designed by specialists in order to facilitate the renting process. In this industry, the utmost importance is placed on convenience, yet not everyone who has access to a resident’s portal uses it. It might be the case that many people are not informed about what they can do through a portal and how easy it can actually be. So, here are some benefits everyone should know about:

Benefits for Renters

Paying the rent and submitting maintenance requests online

Source: The Economic Times

Online transactions have replaced the monthly payment task that took up plenty of time and energy. Now, all that is required is to log in on the resident’s portal and, with just a few clicks, renters can take care of their bills. These platforms are usually secure and safe for handling credit card information, and if the data is introduced once, there is also an option to set up auto payment, which assures payments are always made on time. Access to a log of the transactions and the option to keep track of all payments and the balance significantly increases trust.

Another task that used to be a nightmare was calling up the landlord when something broke in the apartment. When something happens now, portals offer the option to submit a maintenance request online at any hour: describe the issue clearly and add voice memos or photos to make sure the situation will be handled properly. A maintenance team will then be contacted and arrive as soon as possible.

Getting in touch with leasing specialists

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A resident’s portal will also get a tenant in touch with leasing specialists, to facilitate discussions about renewing the lease, or certain issues about moving in or out. The platform further increases transparency since it’s easy to send and receive documents directly through it, sign them electronically, and also have access to them at any point after the transactions are completed.

Connecting with the community

These platforms also provide a calendar where people can keep track of events so as to stay up to date with what is happening in the neighborhood. Announcements concerning the community are also made using the portals, leading to a better understanding of what is going on. These portals help in creating a feeling of being an integrated part of the community.

Accessing a resident’s portal is also extremely easy for a renter: register with an account—ask your property manager or landlord for assistance in setting up your profile—and sign in. You’ll have access to all the features with just a few clicks.

Benefits for Landlords

Source: Stout Management

Besides these benefits that tenants can enjoy, the platform is also beneficial for landlords and property managers, and for the relationship between them and the tenant. Because it increases transparency, discrepancies are reduced and communication is more effective. Also, using portals involves a third party in charge of setting the parameters, so there won’t be one side that has more power over the information or the decisional process.

For the landlords, these portals are very useful for managing properties and keeping track of transactions as well. They considerably reduce the paperwork required and offer a more secure way of dealing with documents. Easy access to data and reports at any time improves a property manager’s productivity, while the option to receive reviews is an important way to get feedback and improve.

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