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Reasons to buy Sterling Silver Rings

Silver is a metal that has been used widely for centuries, for making utensils, decorations, and jewelry. In the world of fashion, sterling silver has made its mark, yet it is considered as a low-end alternative for the finer metals such as gold and platinum. Hence, when it comes to engagements and presents, often sterling silver rings are disregarded. To bust these inhibitions, here are a bunch of reasons why sterling silver is a go-to material when it comes to rings.

Easy on the pocket

Being budget friendly is one of the best things about sterling silver. You can buy nice looking rings without breaking your bank. Typically, a gold ring is accepted as a suitable ring for proposal regardless of the difference in cost. To be more precise, white gold costs $23.86 per gram, while sterling silver costs only $0.59 per gram. According to mabibiche.com, engagement rings are not about money or the karats of the ring, it is about the gesture which is why you don’t need to get broke trying to sway your loved one, a 925 sterling silver ring would do just fine.

Source: Claddagh Ring Store

Will last a lifetime

The thing about investing in a 925 Sterling silver ring is that it is not time bound. It is a durable and sturdy material with a gleaming exterior that qualifies if for the perfect jewelry medium. A sterling silver piece can last for ages without ever getting dull or rusty. With many other Bronze and low-quality rings, over time the color of the ring fades away giving it a dull appearance. But with Sterling Silver, one dip in a baking soda and vinegar solution and voila! It’s as good as new. This is why this material is used in family heirlooms passed on to generations.

Collect them all

In the price of one gold piece, you can buy several sterling silver pieces. Hence, you don’t have to stick to the same old ring that cost you a fortune, instead, you can have a collection of jewelry to match any occasion. There are a bunch of Silver jewelry designers who are innovating stylish designs every single day. You have a large variety to choose from in Silver rings and you can also mix and match it with gemstones or moonstones.

Source: Dune Jewelry

Won’t just wash away

Most people have to take off all their rings before they get their hands wet as they scrub dishes or even take a shower. Yet somehow the water is always getting to their rings, robbing them off all their color and shine. So, what makes our rings lose their glory? It isn’t magic, its sweat. There is absolutely nothing you can do to protect your lovely rings from your own body, hence there is only one budget-friendly solution.

No itchy fingers

Does your body have a taste for expensive things? Sometimes, our bodies react to cheap metals by turning red, getting itchy or even swollen. It is easier to detect metal allergies when it comes to earrings as the piercing gets inflamed, but with rings, you must look out for the itch. Although the discomfort is bearable enough for an evening, for long term use it is impossible. The good news is sterling silver is completely hypoallergenic. Which means that it will not react with your skin or sweat, making it a perfect choice for everyone.

Source: Overstock.com

These are some of the reasons why a 925 Sterling Silver ring beats a conventional one, any given day. Regardless of what you decide, hope you have a blessed day, and everything goes well!

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