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Real Estate & Property Investment Consultants Top Picks of Melbourne

When you wish to buy real estate property in Melbourne, Australia then you will have a busy time in figuring out which Consultant to choose as there are too many of them and Melbourne is a fine place to invest as well. The competition is intense and the consultancies present have good listings so it might be a pretty hard decision to make. Technology plays a big role here as it is connecting and providing all the necessary information to more and more consumers. You can head over to dinas.com.au to get an insight into property purchase in Melbourne. Here we will give you a detailed guide on how to smartly select a real estate consultant for your purchase in Melbourne.

Elders real estate

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Elders got the first rank in this year’s inaugural ranking. Elders is known for its consistent high ranking in terms of scale and sale. The company is about 174 years old and apart from the real estate Elders also runs international trade of live export, feedlots, wool trading and operations in China. The network and footprint are unmatched across Melbourne. The franchises of Elders are placed in 120 different locations all the locations were chosen very minutely to get maximum reach.

LJ hooker

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LJ hooker is another busy real estate brand in Melbourne, Australia. The group currently has 500 plus offices in Australia and recently opened the 702nd office worldwide. They also launched a $16 million worth online initiative the previous year that reaped very positive results.

Their initiative had more than 600 websites including social media and various other mobile platforms also including property microsites and profiles. The website is the most visited among other Australian brands in Australia, it got 100% traffic the previous year. Asia pacific’s top property portal Juwai.com has displayed the property listings of LJ hooker in their website.

Their major work is based on real estate sales, lending and property management. LJ hooker is now focused on pushing marketing through the digital technology and also in creating new mobile platforms.

Harcourts Group Australia

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Harcourts operates in a total of 10 countries and in Harcourt the teamwork and cohesion is most valued. As these values are mandatory to head such a big organization in one direction. The managing director, Mike Green said, “It is hard to quantify or measure, but when you are a part of the Harcourts team, it is something very real and powerful” and also stated that one of the main reasons of Harcourts success are the company’s resources and tools. Harcourts is also a Registered Training Organization (RTO) and delivers many different training programs in different areas of business.

Barry Plant

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The CEO of Barry Plant on being asked in the past about the reasons of Barry Plants success said that three key factors made it possible. The first method was to stay at basics and build relationships based on performance and trust.

The second thing a very strong marketing campaign. And finally is the brand value that they have created for themselves keeps them going. They have launched a mortgage broking division and is involved in discovering new revenue opportunities.

Richardson and Wrench

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This company started way back in 1858 but got late recognition as it came to light just two years ago. The group executive director Andrew Cocks said that the whole model has been under the re-branding process. This brand is doing good since the last two years.

Hope the list of these consultancies come useful to you. This list will guide you to choose a consultancy for your upcoming purchase, rent or lease.

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