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Nesting: How Do I Decorate A (Very) Small Bedroom?

Good news, critters! While living with my nearly-70-year-old parents in the ‘burbs has been a “Fox News”-laden blast for the past three months, it’s time for me to leave the nest. Yes, your girl Jessica is packing up her Louboutins and moving back to New York City. Yay! It’s been a year and a half since I’ve called NYC my home and one of the things I apparently blocked from my mind was how absolutely tiny its living spaces can be. My new apartment itself will be quite large, but my bedroom will basically be a large shoebox. It’s dimensions are roughly 12-feet-by-12-feet, plus a long, deep closet.

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So I need your help: how can I decorate a small space with all the essentials without looking like I’m on “Hoarders”? The trick, too, is that I need to do all this on a budget as well. As I didn’t take anything with me but a small chest of doors and a lamp when I moved out from my place with ex-Mr. Jessica, I need to purchase all the essentials: a bed, a mattress, a dresser, a bookcase or bookshelves, reading lamps, curtains and probably a rug.

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I’m planning to hit up my local IKEA soon for ideas and booty, but I’d love to hear suggestions from readers on how to decorate in a small space. And of course, I’ll keep everyone up-to-date on how it goes!

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