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Meet the man who is currently making waves in the music industry

Patrick Nelson, also known as the local Chattanooga, Tennessee musician “Mute Davinci” has a few things to deliver to the industry.

Similar to fashion, music nowadays is changing very quickly. Dance and country/rock music used to be popular during the 80s and 90s. Now, the most popular genres are hip hop, electronic, and RnB. That is fine, everyone has all the rights to listen to any type of music they choose. It is fair to say that other genres shouldn’t die off completely as a consequence of modern music influence. Having this in mind, we would like to introduce an artist who is deciding to use all elements of music, including modern music to pioneer his sound.

This man, who has been involved in the music business for around 10 years has already made quite an influence in the last 10 months pursuing his own career. People all over the world are glad to hear the musical influences he incorporates are strong and alive. With this in mind, let’s go ahead and take a look at this amazing artist!

Source: nbc29.com

Patrick Nelson, also known as the Musician “Mute Davinci” quite possibly has a small hand in every part of the entertainment industry as of today. Starting sometime in mid-2018 Patrick and a friend started working on a professional career in music, which they had always dreamed of. Today though, around the same time in 2019, he is very publicly known as “Mute Davinci” the rapper, owns a blog called “The Clout Bank,” has an official YouTube artist channel, music on all major platforms, is now rumored to be starting a clothing brand, and runs an entire career on all these platforms and so many more. Get this, he does it independently. All from his hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

This, by no means, is an uninfluential artist, with major celebrity co-signs. He has features from people such as the artist Sire, production credits from the likes of Kingdrumdummie, Cozmo, The Legion, and many local talents who he hopes to see a rise with him as well. He has, before this publication been featured in online articles such as Stereo Stickman, local news articles everywhere from his hometown, to the state of California, and all the way back past his hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee in the state of New York. Recently, he was featured in the top 40 artists on the Reverb Nation music charts, currently sitting at number 1 locally, number 1 regionally, number 1 nationally, and number 17 globally. This seems like an accomplishment for someone who was without a penny or a place to stay, and only two months before his journey began. He has been named in social media content produced by inasx, had radio spins from Power 107.9 in Los Angeles, Hot 97, multiple smaller stations, internet radio shows, podcasts, and more.

He wants to leave his audience with at least one of a few key things. A gain of insight into his personal life and struggle, the strong message of positivity and different ways to convey a said message. He is located on multiple social profiles such as Instagram @themutedavinci , Twitter @jumpoutmute, Tumblr, Reverb Nation, YouTube, and even his verified Google profile. If you would like to make contact he has stated to please make it on Instagram.

“No matter what, you guys have to stay positive, I don’t care what it is you’re facing. All I can say is focus on the good in life, keep solid individuals around you, good company, and always have something to keep the negativity up off you. Most of all, keep your family around, you’re going to need them at times you may never even think you would have. Music is always going to help. No matter what genre, who is performing, or who likes it. Find what fits you.” – Patrick Nelson (Mute Davinci)

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