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Managed Hosting vs. Unmanaged Hosting

In website creation and management, a new user would most likely use a shared server, meaning that they know very little about hosting management, which is acceptable at this level. Managed or unmanaged hosting starts to apply when a user wants access to the fundamentals such as dedicated servers and VPS hosting serves.

When it comes to hosting management, it gives the user limited access to servers, though it is dedicated, users can have access to server and hardware – the server comes some with a platform to operate and control system which is known as the Operating System.

The operating system is the foundational element of managed hosting. So, depending on the type of management i.e. managed or unmanaged, a hosting server may come with automated backups, performance monitoring, automated software updates, control panel, security malware scanning and removal, SSH access, support services, and on-demand services.

To make it simple, managed hosting servers comes with not only a manual but a guide to assist you with each step of the way, unlike unmanaged servers which come primarily with just an operating system that enables you to input anything and everything.

Managed Hosting

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As discussed earlier, fundamentally, you would get access to support services to so you never have to worry so much about back up and monitoring servers. With managed hosting, you not only get an operating system but also additional benefits such with which you can manage your website effectively.

Below are services available to managed hosting

Automated Backups

With this, backups can be done automatically by the services. Though it is still crucial to confirm from your provided how the backup works, you would have to know if it is stored on the same server as your website and if it contains your database.

If both replies are yes, then you may have a problem because it is only always advisable to keep all eggs in one basket. If something goes wrong, you might lose all data immediately with nothing to recover. But, if backups are done manually like in unmanaged, you can save your files anywhere and everywhere depending on your taste.

Performance Monitoring

Over time, the server would need to be monitored to ascertain its work rate and determine if it is functioning at the right capacity, with the right speed, and so on. It would also warn you in cases of memory shortage and other difficulties in performing to its full potential.

Automated Software Update

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With this service, you will be upgrading to the latest version available even down to core software such as PHP, MySQL, Apache, and others. Again, this is always the best because the upgrade may not be favorable to your applications.

Security, Malware scanning and Removal

This is arguably the most important service provided as it gives users the security by scanning and removing any detected harm to your server. It is sporadic to have a security issue that might require such services, but one can never be too careful.

Control Panel

Unlike in an unmanaged hosting server where you would have to create your own control panel or buy cPanel, with the managed server you would get the access to an already design control panel where you can set up.

SSH Access

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This is short for “Secure Shell,” and it is important for installing additional software like developer tools and version control.

Support and On-Demand Service

Even after the purchase, you have still access to call on your support whenever required. The extent of support varies from providers, but the idea remains unlike in unmanaged hosting.

Unmanaged Hosting

This service comes with very little or even no additional service. On this service, you would have to do everything yourself if you want it done but it not safe to assume that managed hosting is better. They both come with their pros and cons.

Furthermore, one might wonder why is it wise to go unmanaged hosting but before you make your decision you should know the following

Unmanaged hosting is a lot cheaper.

You get almost unlimited control over your server.

It gives you the freedom to operate and learn about server management.

Wrapping It Up

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While it is cheaper to go for unmanaged hosting, it all factors to time, knowledge, and money.

If you have the time and knowledge then its best you go for unmanaged but you have the money or just do not have the knowledge about the control panel, and how to manage it on your own then you might need to go for managed hosting like Cloudways and save your time.

Check out the Cloudways Review by Anirudh Pulikonda for more detailed info on how managed hosting can help you.

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