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Learn About Feeding Animals And Enjoying Outdoors

It was only a few hundred years ago that people enjoyed nature more than they do today. With the everyday problems of modern society comes a headache that makes a lot of people frustrated every time they get back from work.

But there is a way to enjoy the outdoors more even if you don’t have to leave your suburban neighborhood. There are a lot of people that care for animals and make it their hobby to attract them on their property with animal feeders. What this does is it guarantees the animals a meal every day. Furthermore, animal feeders are an excellent way for you to spot animals.

Most countrysides are surrounded by woods that are home to hundreds of animal species. Most notable in the United States are deer and moose, apart from the actual ones that can harm you.

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Deer feeders are a type of mechanical contraptions, that can also be made out of wood entirely, which is used to store food for deer’s to come over and eat. It’s a great way of attracting animals to your backyard and it helps them survive. Animal feeders are also excellent for photographers who love to take pictures of animals. But the biggest reason as to why people use animal feeders is to maintain the population of that species. The deer population has been increased a lot in the past few years from ordinary people who place deer feeders in their backyards.

But there are a few important things you need to know before feeding animals in your backyard. We’ve compiled a “Do” and “Don’t” list that will help you out in the case of wanting to feed animals in your backyard.

Do: Provide Water

It’s not only about giving food to animals; it’s also about providing a source of clean and fresh water for them. Squirrels and birds will be the majority of animals that will use your animal feeder, but they are often overlooked.

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Don’t: Give Junk Foods or Processed Foods

Human foods are inadequate nutritionally for wild animals, according to experts over at feedthatgame.com. To add another argument to this point; human junk foods or processed foods can cause a lot of serious health problems for wild animals, especially when the animals are still young and developing. It shouldn’t even be mentioned, however; make sure to never give foods such as cake, candy, chips, dairy, any kind of leftover, burgers, etc.

Do: Provide the Right Kind of Food

If you want to make this your hobby, do understand that you cannot give the foods we mentioned above. You can’t just simply enter this hobby only to give the animals your leftovers from dinner. No one persuaded you to do this, so you have to take responsibility if you give wild animals the wrong food. The right food should be organic nuts and seeds. A mix of these two can be hugely beneficial for wild animals and birds. It gives them the perfect amount of nutritional values that will be more than beneficial for their health. Foods such as black oil sunflower seeds, corn kernels, tree nuts, peanuts, alfalfa pellets, fruit, vegetables, are the sort of foods you will be looking to feed the wild animals with.

Source: Wikipedia

Don’t: Hang Your Bird Feeder Close to Your Windows

Birds fly, and we’ve seen hundreds of times when a bird hits a window. That’s the specific reason as to why you must NEVER hang your bird feeder close to your windows. Birds don’t see the glass, and they might hit your windows if you place the bird feeder to close to them. The perfect location should be anywhere away from windows and trees because cats can climb trees and stalk your birds as they feed.

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