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Kate Middleton’s Horrible Nickname – The Frisky

For some reason, it seems that the women of the royal family always get the short end of the stick in this way or another. Lately, Meghan Markle has been in the public eye most of the time, which means there have been all kinds of rumors and even inappropriate speculations about her ever since she joined the royal family. And before her, it was Kate Middleton who attracted most of public attention. Namely, back in 2001 when she only began to date Prince William, she got a rather disrespectful nickname.

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Since they had been dating for whole ten years before Prince William asked Kate to be his wife, the press called her “Waity Katy.” Since the public witnessed several break-ups and other ups and downs in their relationship, at some point, people even thought they would never make up, especially after their big split in 2007. Even though they eventually proved them wrong and got back together, it wasn’t for another three years that Prince proposed. According to Katie Nicholl, the royal correspondent, “It was the Christmas of 2009 when [Kate’s mother] Carole was getting quite concerned. Kate was nearing 30, there was still no ring on her finger.”

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Nicholl also revealed that the couple actually knew where they were heading all along, they just wanted to live a bit more before settling down – Prince William wanted to finish his military training at the Royal Military Academy, while Kate moved to London to work and travel. Here’s what Nicholl says about that situation:

“I suppose what none of us knew was that [she] and William had actually made a secret pact to be married way back in 2007, after they got together after their second major breakup. This was a secret pact. And we know that this is a couple who are very good at keeping secrets. So really, Kate had the last laugh, because she’s got her prince.”

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And then in 2010, Prince William finally proposed during their romantic trip to Kenya and a year later, they tied the knot.

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