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Joselyn Cano Bio, Net Worth 2019, Facts, Photos

Joselyn Cano is a beautiful fashion model and popular Instagram influencer. If you want to find out everything about this stunning American beauty; her personal and business life continue reading. In the article below you can read when is her birthday, facts about her family and boyfriend, net worth.

Source: Instagram @joselyncano

Basic Facts

Nick Name Josey
Net Worth $1 million
Birthday March 14, 1991
Nationality American
Age 28 Years
Sign Pisces
Born  Anaheim, Orange Country, California
Occupation Model & Instagram celebrity
Height 160 cm
Family Father- Thomas, Mother- Jemima

This beautiful, Hispanic model and Instagram celebrity won the sympathy and love of millions of people around the world. She has stunning hazel eyes and amazing curves all over her body. Many fashion companies and beauty brands want a collaboration with Joselin because she is glamorous and has more than 9.2 million followers on her official Instagram account.

Source: Instagram @joselyncano

Joselin has worked and promoted numerous brands which gave her contracts full of money. On Twitter, Joselin has more than 183,000 followers, and on her Facebook page, she has over a half million supporters. She is also active on Tumblr. She has strict principles when it comes to work and contract because she demands to sigh any paper which includes nudity. Joselin had two plastic surgeries that we know, rhinoplasty and breast.

Source: Instagram @joselyncano

Her way up in the model world

After the graduation of high school, she immediately signed three contracts. Joselin had seventeen years when her career as a model has started and during the period of five years, she becomes a famous model.

Source: Instagram @joselyncano

When she started sharing pictures on Instagram feed her account became popular and famous overnight. When she got over 100,000 followers, she started getting paid for each post she shares. Joselin began earning huge money from the Instagram account with each sponsored post and collaboration with a certain brand. Soon after she realized that she had an army of fans and that she can educate and promote on her account. She uses even now Instagram to educate her followers about the latest fashion trends.

Source: Instagram @joselyncano

Some of the brands she is working with are: `Wheels and Heels Magazine`, `Low Rider Magazine’, ‘Hot Bike`, `Import Tuner`, `Animate Magazine`, and `Swancoast`. To make these collaborations for her was very easy because she has perfect measurements and a slim waistline.

Source: Instagram @joselyncano

Why is Joselyn Cano So Special?

For a model, she has a perfect figure, beautiful face, and she takes care of her body on a daily basis. Joselyn works very hard every day to be in that shape, she spends many hours in the gym and she is vegetarian. This woman is at the top of the modeling game every day, she is the example of the true hardworking women. Joselin loves her job and she is very passionate about it that is the way she is using Instagram to educate and inform all the girls out there about fashion and exercise.

Source: Instagram @joselyncano

Beyond Fame and Behind Instagram

When the light is off who is this girl? Joselyn is one adventurous girl with a huge bucket list; she is in love with skydiving, swimming with an orca. She loves Italian culture and food; drinks alcohol, everything except beer. Her favorite music is trance music and gangster rap. The list of her top three things in life goes like this; makeup, energy drinks, and laptop. Her favorite TV show is `Keeping Up With The Kardashians` and ` Jersey Shore`, and Cristiano Ronaldo is her celebrity crush. She used to love tattoos but how she wants to remove two tattoos on her feet.

Source: Instagram @joselyncano

Behind the Curtains

Joselyn is born and raised in Orange Country, California in 1991, she has two brothers, and when she has finished high school she began working as a professional model. She is the owner of seven dogs because she is a huge animal lover, and makeup is a big part of her life. She wants to find a smart man who takes care of himself, and she does not like cheap men. Joselyn is the owner of the BMW 3-Series Coupe, and she is often guest in Mexico because her dream is to settle down in Cancun.

Source: Instagram @joselyncano

She is single and fabulous, and have many friends in the modeling world.

Source: Instagram @joselyncano


Source: Instagram @joselyncano

Here is a list of all of Joselyn’s social media profiles:



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