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Jennifer Aniston spent $1 million on her body

A tabloid claims Jennifer Aniston spent over $ 1 on his body after reuniting with Brad Pitt. According to New Idea, not only the actors are back in love again, but they also claimed that Jennifer gave a lot of money in cosmetic treatments in the hope of keeping him this time.

A certified source told the magazine: “Jen’s had to work hard to keep in shape, and after reuniting with Brad she knew she had to step up her game even more and remind him why she’s known for being one of the hottest A-listers in Hollywood.”

Source: Celebrity Insider

The insider said that Jennifer went through expensive treatments in the last few months only to make her body look like she was 20 years old. Among other things, she reportedly received laser treatments that destroy fat cells. “She’s told pals how Brad can’t get enough and constantly praises how amazing she looks – joking that she looks even better than she did when they married almost 20 years ago!” adds supposed source.

Source: Star Magazine

The problem with this false report in tabloids is that Jennifer and Brad are not together again. Sources from both sides have stated a couple of times that the ex-spouses are not in a romance back.

Recently, in an interview for Harper’s Bazaar, Jennifer said that she currently has no time for such things and that she is focused on career. In those days, Brad Pit just laughed when the photographer asked him about rumors of a reunion with Jennifer Aniston.

Source: Getty Images

Despite fake articles, a rep for Jeniffer claimed that the actress did not spend money on his body. Also, the article about supposedly “reuniting” with Brad Pitt is false.

There were fake stories in February that the ex-couple would be married for her 50th birthday. Soon after that, we also busted story that couple is going on a honeymoon in Paris. The story of the reunion of the ex-spouses is both false and baseless.

Source: .gossipcop.com

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