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Is There A Way To Date A Celebrity?

For us, ordinary human beings, dating a celebrity has been a dirty secret ever since we’ve been in our teenage years. From all the movies and TV shows, we’ve seen throughout our lifetime, it’s super normal to have a crush on a celebrity from one of our favorite movies. But, as not all things have a happy ending, we often times learn that we might never get the chance to do that.

But what if we tell you that there is a way to experience dating a celebrity in another, more unusual, form? What if we tell you that the advancements of technology have allowed us to do just that date a celebrity.

Southern Treasures is a company that makes genuine replicas of celebrities that you cannot wait to get your hands on. The subject we’re going to be talking about is celebrity sex dolls.

There was much talk a few months ago about how buying a celebrity sex doll can make all those dreams come true. If we take Google trends into consideration, the keywords for sex dolls have increased by almost 500% since January last year.

So that begs the question, can we really date a celebrity?

Yes, of course, we can, and why shouldn’t we? The advancements of technology are here to everyone to enjoy. Sex dolls in Australia are quite popular, with more and more people getting their hands on the chance to have the perfect date with a celebrity lookalike.

These dolls are not certified by any celebrity, it’s their resemblance that is purely coincidental. The similarities between these sex dolls, and some of the world’s hottest celebrities are mind-blowing.

Celebrity sex doll lookalikes have taken the world by storm. It is a trend that keeps on perfecting with each passing year.

So let’s review some of the most popular celebrity sex dolls out there.

The one that Looks Like Angelina Jolie

Source: southerntreasures.com.au

The first in the line of celebrity lookalike sex dolls come in the form of Lara Kroft, the famous character from the widely popular movie series, Tomb Raider. You might notice that this sex doll has a striking resemblance to Angelina Jolie, the popular actress who played Lara Kroft in the movies. The sex doll has a height of 156 cm, vaginal depth of 18 cm, anal dept of 16 cm, and mouth dept of 13 cm. The sex doll comes with a random choosing of sexy underwear to further fulfill all of your dreams. You can buy this celebrity sex doll at Southern Treasures.

Skylar Looks Like Taylor Swift

Source: southerntreasures.com.au

With similar facial features of the widely popular pop star Taylor Swift, Skylar is a sex toll that will make all of your fantasies come true. With a height of 165 cm, vaginal depth of 17 cm, anal depth of 15 cm, and mouth depth of 15 cm, this sex doll is perfect for your getaway fantasies. The dolls come with moveable joints, and those are the knees, legs, feet, arms, elbows, wrists, and fingers. The total weight of the doll is at 41kg, not too light, but not too heavy.

Leslie Looks Like Emma Watson

Source: The-Doll-House

We’ve all seen the Harry Potter movies, and we’ve all dreamt about Emma Watson, AKA Hermione Granger. Well, we will have you know that Leslie is a super popular sex doll that looks a lot like Emma Watson. With a height of 155 cm, vaginal depth of 18 cm, anal depth of 1 cm, and mouth dept of 12 cm. Her bust is at 84 cm, waist at 55 cm, hips at 90 cm and the whole doll weights about 35 kg. The doll comes with random sexy lingerie a cleaning enema.

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