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Is there a replacement for Google?

We all know that the Google search engine’s experience comes at a great cost of sharing our personal data and allowing ourselves to be tracked by Google on the web. At some point, this “personalized experience” get annoying, especially when you notice the increase in content and ads that target you. Also, you should know that there are various search engines that offer so much, not just in terms of privacy, but useful tools and features as well. So, if you are not impressed by Google any more or if it just became annoying, here is a list of alternatives that you can use:


Source: Search Engine Journal

Next to Google, the second most popular search engine is Bing that is developed by Microsoft. It is so much more than just a visual search engine, it also offers users various tools and features in order for them to have a better online experience. The search results that you will get are provided by Yahoo! Search and Bing’s homepage always displays different animals, sports, places, people, etc.


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If privacy is what you are searching for, then DuckDuckGo is the perfect alternative for you. It has increasingly become popular over the last few years, mostly because of the privacy it offers to users. This search engine will never track your online activities or you, hence, there will be no ads that will be targeted at you. It also features a clean interface that will provide search results from Yandex, Yahoo, and other engines as well. You can install this search engine on your browser in order to keep your activities away from prying eyes.


Source: Restore Privacy

Yet another search engine that is privacy-oriented, Qwant claims that it will never record your searches or collect your personal data for advertising. Since its main concern is privacy, this search engine also features similar tools to DuckDuckGo. The interface is appealing and it will highlight the trending topics on the homepage.

Search Encrypt

Source: Medium

This completely private search engine will use encryption to secure your searches and web activity. It implements AES-256 encryption with Secure Socket Layer encryption. Then, the search engine retrieves your search results from the networks of search partners. After you are finished searching, the things you search expire, hence they will be private even when someone uses your PC. If you want to find out more about this Search Engine, click here to read more.


Source: AlternativeTo

This search engine was previously known as Hulbee, and it is fifth on this list because of their focus on privacy. Parents who are concerned about what their child will search for online prefer using this search engine. The built-in feature that cannot be changed will block all violent or inappropriate content that might pop-up.


Source: Wikipedia

This search engine’s goal is to make the Internet more free and decentralized, and it will also not collect your data. It gets search results from various sources, including Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, DuckDuckGo, and so on. It is an open source alternative to Google and it is available for everyone for contributions on GitHub or a source code.


Source: Sitechecker

As you can see, these six search engines will make your time on the Internet more private and secure. You can rest assured that your data will not be collected and that the search engine will not track you or your online activity.

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