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Is Prince William’s Alleged Affair Different From The One His Father Had?

The story about an alleged affair between Prince William and Rose Hanbury is still actual. Everyone is still talking about it, gossiping, wondering if there was an affair. People are talking about them, why did they do it if they did do it, and also about Kate Middleton and her feelings.

There was no official statement about the alleged rumors. We can also see that Prince William and Kate Middleton are still together and they look like nothing has happened. So maybe rumors are just that, rumors. The royal couple is still living together, working on their royal duties, and they seem like they are not bothered with the rumors.

This is not the first time for the members of the royal family to experience this kind of drama in their lives. There have been some scandals including members of the royal family in the near past, but someone close to Prince William was involved in a number of scandals many years ago, his father Prince Charles.

It seems like it was ages ago when Prince Charles had an affair with his now wife, Camilla Parker Bowles. He had an affair with Camilla while he was married to Princess Diana, but now he is married to Camilla. But we can say that this alleged affair that Prince William is having is different from the one his father had.

And why is that?

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First of all, Prince Charles was in a relationship with Camilla way before he even met Princess Diana. The two of them were very fond of each other, and it seemed that Prince Charles fell in love with Camilla. But something changed, others weren’t fond of Camilla, and Prince Charles had to break things off. He then was introduced to Diana and the two of them married after a short period of time. And the Charles’ relationship with Diana was totally different than the one with Camilla. You could see that they were not in love.

Lady D knew about Charles’ affair

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Later was found that Princess Diana knew about the affair her husband had with Camilla and she even confronted her. Of course, Camilla denied that she had anything to do with Charles, but Diana didn’t trust her.

But Diana was right, the two of them were having an affair and that affair lasted for many years. Everyone was well aware of it, and most of the staff that was working for Charles was also involved. But with Prince William and this rumor, nobody knows what’s the real truth. Yes, Kate Middleton ended her relationship with her best friend Rose, but that doesn’t mean that the reason for that was an affair between Rose and William.

Prince William and Kate Middleton look like they have a very strong marriage

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Like we said, from the very start Prine Charles and Princess Diana didn’t look like they were in love. They didn’t look like they were fond of each other, and they didn’t seem happy together. But with William and Kate, it is different. The two of them were in a relationship for years before they got married, and when you see them you can see that they love each other, and they make a lovely couple. They look like they belong together.

So, is this just a rumor?

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We believe that this is just a big rumor and that everything about this story is false. With Charles, he was always in love with Camilla, and that’s the reason why he cheated on his wife. And that’s the reason why he married Camilla at the end. But William loves his wife, and he decided that he wants to marry her, nobody told him he needs to do it. We think that this rumor will soon be just an old story and that nobody will talk about it. Or there will be some new rumor, and people will start talking about something else.

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