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Is Kate More Popular Than Meghan?

Both Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton became enormously popular since they became members of the royal family. Since then, the careful eye of the media started following them everywhere. Plus, some of their private lives made it to the public. These things were not always good. Also, their weddings were broadcasted all over the world.

Naturally, you can`t do much but wonder, which one of these two ladies is more popular? Both with common people and the media. As things look now, our vote is on Kate Middleton. But, that can easily change. Also, maybe this is not the case. Surely, before the marriage, Meghan Markle was more popular because of her acting career. We will take a closer look at facts that can give us a clearer picture.

Popularity Among the Public

According to a recently conducted poll, 62% of the British public had a positive opinion of Kate Middleton, while 38% of them had a positive opinion on Meghan Markle. Only the Queen, Prince Harris, and Prince William are more popular than Kate. They have a positive ranking which surpassed 70%. Meghan Markle is the least liked female member of the royal family.

Kate is Generally Very Popular

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Kate`s high ranking can be referenced to her popularity which was pretty high even before she became a member of the royal family. However, even she had a piece of the negative campaign after she started appearing in the public. We can say that she is more relatable because of her common origins. Plus, her style of parenting is approved by the public.

Meghan Had a Difficult Start

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Different from Kate Middleton, Meghan was faced with controversies in her first year as a part of the royal family. Surely, that has an influence on her present-day low ratings. Her own family played a part in her negative image. Many negative articles about her relationship with her family appeared in recent years, which wasn’t good for her overall rating.

One more reason is that she is not like the other members of the family. She comes from a mixed background, she is divorced, and she doesn’t pay attention to the traditions of the royal family. She simply likes to do things her own way. We know how tradition is important for the Royals. It is clear that the public doesn’t like someone how is different than something they are used to.

Can She Increase Popularity?

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It is very hard to change someone`s opinion about you. Just imagine how hard it is to change the opinions of over 50 million people. Surely, she will have to work much in order to improve it. Hopefully, she will succeed in her intent. We can see that in an example of Camilla Bowles. She was not liked by the public at all. However, as time passed, she got some recognition and popularity.

She worked a lot in charity over the years, and she got some recognition from other members of the family. We can say that Meghan is in a somewhat different situation than Camilla. She gave birth to a member of the royal family, which surely can be helpful in the future. We will surely see her popularity at a higher level.

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