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Is Eyelid Surgery Right for Me?

Eyelid surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, particularly amongst women. This procedure can turn back the clock while rejuvenating your entire face. But is it the right choice for you?

The more that you know about this procedure, the better you’ll be able to determine whether this is the cosmetic step that you’d like to take in order to achieve your cosmetic goals.

What can eyelid surgery achieve?

Source: Take Shape Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic eyelid surgery can alter the upper or the lower eyelids. It can help to achieve a number of results, including the following.

  • Improve aesthetics for patients looking to reverse the signs of ageing.
  • Correct defects, deformities or injuries to the eyelid.
  • Potentially improve vision if eyelids are drooping excessively.

Overall, the results for each individual may vary for a number of reasons unique to each person. According to One Face Plastic Surgery, the best in results are youth restoration results that the patient falls in love with each time they look in the mirror.

What happens during the eyelid procedure?

Source: Buinewicz Plastic Surgery

During an eye lift surgery, the excess and sagging skin beneath the eyelid is removed. This can help to smooth out the area around the eyelid. This surgery is oftentimes accompanied by a facelift or endoscopic brow lift. If you are already undergoing treatment with one of these other surgeries, it can minimise your potential downtime by getting others done at the same time.

This procedure itself takes about an hour to complete. While it can be performed with a local anesthesia, some patients prefer to be sedated for this minor cosmetic surgery. If more than one procedure is being performed during the surgery, then general anesthesia is the better course of treatment. Patients will be free to return home to recover in comfort once they have recovered fully from the anesthesia.

The recovery period is typically around a week. During this time, patients will see a reduction in any minor bruising or swelling and will also see a reduction in any discomfort that may accompany the surgery. It’s advised that patients stay out of the sun during the recovery period.

Who is the ideal candidate for it?

Source: Tarrant Plastic Surgery

The ideal candidate for any cosmetic procedure should be in good overall physical health. Be sure to communicate a full medical and surgical history with your doctor prior to undertaking any new cosmetic procedures.

Candidates for this surgery typically feel that their face looks drawn and tired as a result of the sagging skin or excess tissue around their eyes. They may live and lead an active and healthy lifestyle, but their age is showing on their face due to the sagging of the eyes.

What results can be expected after surgery?

Source: cohendoc.com

Once the minor swelling and postoperative bruising has subsided, the long-lasting results of the surgery can be seen. The results will be a rejuvenated and more alert-looking face. Incision lines may take a bit of time to refine, but once they are fully healed they’ll be near impossible to spot.

To keep your results maintained, it’s important that you keep up with a good face care routine at home. You should also keep your face protected from direct sunlight.

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