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Is Britney Spears pregnant and ‘ballooning’?

According to a celebrity magazine called the National Enquirer, Britney is pregnant and ‘ballooning’ following her recent stay in a mental health facility. We are here to correct this report.

An alleged insider says that this could explain why she’s pigging out and gaining weight. Apparently, some sources say she has been “ballooning up in recent weeks” and has been feeling “nauseous and sleeping through most of the day.” The tipster added that the singer is “ravenously hungry and everyone believes it’s because she’s pregnant.”

However, this discredited magazine has no proof whether she’s caring a baby and they’re adding some evidence that makes no sense, such as her hair extensions being a total mess and her habit of eating a lot of junk food, including burgers, ice cream, chips, and soda.

Source: Vanity Fair

The magazine than says Britney’s “boyfriend,” Sam Asghari is freaking out about becoming a father.

“Britney has to make some hard decisions about what to do next, especially if there’s a baby on the way.” “Not everyone thinks she’ll be able to handle it.”

It’s important to mention that Spears’ rep has denied the pregnancy, and she often has to deal with these kinds of articles.

For example, last year they wrote that Spears and Asghari are engaged and about to get married, but now they refer to him as her boyfriend.

Source: HawtCelebs

This magazine wrote that he and Britney were planning a wedding in Las Vegas, and now 16 months after the report, nothing has happened.

There was also an article about Asghari leaving her while she was in the mental health facility.

In addition, the singer recently posted a video on Instagram where she is doing yoga in a bikini, proving this report is simply false.

Source: gossipcop.com

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