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Is a Breast Reduction Right for You?

Large breasts or breasts that are simply too large for your frame, have been linked to a number of painful physical concerns. This could include back pain, pain in the neck and even feeling numbness in the fingers.

They have also been seen to prevent women from enjoying a number of day to day activities and even some sporting activities like running.

Most women who live with large breasts know that the extra weight on their chest is the cause of the discomfort and pain. Some may not necessarily recognize the connection, which can result in years of unnecessary discomfort.

Do you have larger breasts? Are you wondering if reduction surgery is the right choice for you?

Considering breast size

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Quite often, women are able to alleviate some of their discomfort by simply being measured and fitted for a supporting bra that is in the right size. Many women don’t take the time to get professionally measured, so they may not necessarily know what their true size is. You may just be surprised at the difference that can be felt with a bra that fits you correctly.

Even with proper undergarments offering the right support, you’ll find that your discomfort due to large breasts doesn’t wholly diminish. As woman age, shoulders tend to roll forward naturally as a result of the weight of the breasts. This then, in turn, applies additional pressure on the ribs, shoulder blades and neck.

According to Dr. Andre Safvat, this can lead to compressed nerves, muscle problems and an increase in discomfort and even pain. Nerve damage can become a reality for many women who have long lived with breasts that are too large for their frame.

How can reduction surgery help?

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Wearing proper fitting bras, ergonomic lifestyle alterations, physical therapy and even pain-relieving medication are often used to manage the symptoms associated with large ones, the only surefire way to eliminate the symptoms is with reduction surgery.

Large breasts can pose recognizable concerns for the woman living with them. Weight loss is recommended so that the patient is at a healthy weight, but even that won’t help to reduce all of the symptoms associated with this “problem”.

By reducing the weight and pull of the breasts, surgeons are able to offer almost immediate relief to women who have for so long lived with the discomfort of a chest that is too large for their body.

What happens during a reduction procedure?

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The surgical procedure itself can be performed in a number of ways, but each technique will have the same goal of reducing the size of the breasts.

Fat cells and tissue, along with excess skin will be removed. The breasts may be lifted, and the nipples may be repositioned for the most natural look.

The surgery is done under general anesthesia and can take up to three hours to complete. It’s considered to be a safe procedure, with a relatively complication-free and easy recovery.

Most patients experience mild discomfort in the week immediately following the surgery and feel comfortable enough to return to work at that point. Within four weeks of surgery, most women are enjoying a return to their routine.

There will be some scarring from the procedure but it will be minimal, and it will fade in time. The relief from having the surgery will be felt almost immediately and will last a lifetime.

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