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Is 2020 Toyota Supra getting a manual transmission?

It has been announced that Z4 would get a manual transmission and there are some possibilities that 2020 Toyota Supra would also get one. Furthermore, there are some speculations that this car would be also made on the basis of the BMW’s platform, but this has not been neither confirmed nor denied by the manufacturer.

Source: automobilemag.com

BMW’s release

During the previous period, BMW held a press release which announced that Z4 would be paired with the transmission that would be a manual one and with six speeds. The update has been announced for the models for European market. Currently, this is it the only model that would be offered with such a transmission.

Source: automobilemag.com

Design and Engine

Until now, we have also found put that these two models would also have one similar thing and that is the engine that would be used. Namely, we are talking about a 2.0 liter engine and it would also be a turbo-four one. It should be also added that this engine got an emission certificate in the USA. During the period of certification of Z4, Toyota was still not interested in the potential offering Supra with four cylinders in the USA. However, it has become very possible that Supra with inline-4 would be offered in the USA. Also, since Z4 is getting a manual transmission, many people wonder whether Supra would also get one.

Source: automobilemag.com

Toyota’s Answer

In order to clarify the entire thing, the press release from Toyota addressed the mater. More precisely, it has been confirmed that Toyota was indeed reconsidering the manual transmission but that they still decided to go with the one they are using now. They think that this is the best combination for the USA and that they are eager to wait the comments of the potential buyers.

Source: automobilemag.com

Source: automobilemag.com

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