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How will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle bring up Archie and what advice will they give him?

Growing up in the spotlight and in the constant presence of media is not for everyone. To some this happens when they marry into royal life, while others never got a say in this. Luckily for royal baby Archie, he has two loving parents who are used to the attention to help and prepare him to deal with his future life as a royal. It also helps that one of them was born into it, while the other was married into this life.

It was clear from the very start that Meghan and Harry have a special bond. Although they seemed to be from very different worlds, the two have a common sense of doing all the things their way.

These royals love to break royal tradition and rules, but they also understand that they must follow the strictest ones.Their first child Archie Harrison is a Taurus, which means he will likely share the rebellious spirit of his two parents. Everyone knows they will be perfect parents to him, but how exactly will they educate and bring up their first child? Read on to find out more.

Will Harry and Meghan advise Archie breaking rules?

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Nobody in the royal family breaks rules better than Harry. But he had a great teacher, his late mother Princess Diana. He witnessed her struggles to fit in and find her place, as well as the fact that she kept a sense of self while doing it.

Now, years later, when he has his own family and is a husband and a father, he has that much more reason to keep the memories of his dear mother alive. He and Meghan do like to do things their way, but this is also the direction in which the monarchy is going anyway. In addition, the British public and the royal fans wish for the royal family to become more modern.

Harry will surely let his son choose his own clothes to wear. Throughout their childhood, boys are supposed to wear shorts no matter the season or weather conditions. However, Archie’s rebellious parents are sure to break most of these wardrobe rules, as his mom already broke many herself.

One more thing that will surely happen is that Prince Harry will give his son space and opportunities to be a kid for as long as he can. He will not act as a royal all the time, as this is exactly how Diana behaved while raising him. Archie will surely have many trips to theme parks and McDonald’s like he did.

Will they teach their son how to handle the spotlight?

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If we look into the questionable past of Harry, he will have valuable advice about the spotlight for his son. Everyone in the world has a camera and social media accounts, Archie will have to work hard in order to keep his privacy while outside of the castle walls.

The pair will also remind him the press will always try to run his name through the mud to sell papers their papers, no matter what he does. His parent unfortunately have tons of experience, and therefore much advice.

Lastly, Meghan probably has a lot of advice on how to handle those rogue family members who are after fame and money. What is more, Harry also had close people who sold personal information to tabloids. Archie will now how to surround himself with good people.

Will Archie stay on the Queen’s good side?

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We might have thought that getting on Queen Elizabeth’s good side would mean Archie will need to follow all the royal rules. However, things are quite different today. The queen is much more relaxed, especially when the Duke and Duchess are around her.

Archie and his great grandma share the same zodiac sign, which could also help as we know that deep down Queen Elizabeth would love to have had more freedom in her life.

She has just celebrated her 93rd birthday, and most people loosen up with age. She may be happy while she spends time with her newest great grandson. There is no pressure for him as he is not in line for the throne, so a more relaxed life is to expected for baby Archie.

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