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How to watch or download movies for free with CotoMovies

We all love to watch films, but sometimes do not have the time to go to the movies or we want to catch up with some TV show we missed. Today everything revolves around your smart-phone, you can do almost anything on it, and so can you download and watch movies? The answer is nice and short, yes. There are lots of apps that allow you to download or watch films, but CotoMovies (Bobby Movie Box) is one of the most popular for your Android phone. High quality of the movies, and all the latest headlines in a vast library at your fingertips.

In the sea of apps, you are sometimes undecided which to choose, download and give it a go. Some of them have malicious intent, they want to infect your device with malware, and often ask permission to access part of your phones like gallery or contacts, and they do not need that for streaming movies.

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This app is not in the Play store, it violates policies & conditions, but sometimes it may pop-up if you are lucky enough. However, there are APK files to download but need to set up your app permissions, because this is an app of an unknown source.

You can watch movies in an HD quality, all the latest ones, and TV shows as well. If you are going on a trip, you can download a movie to your phone and watch it later. With no ads to interrupt your viewing time, with subtitles, an excellent user interface that is clean and friendly, this is a great app.

How can you get CotoMovies?

This is not an app that you can download from Play store; however, there are ways to get it. First, go to security settings on your device and enable unknown sources, download APK file, find the file and install, open the app, and you are good to go.

Is it legal?

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Not so much, it violates copyright policies, because it streams copyrighted material. It can vary from country to country, some have strict and some nominal laws when it comes to this subject. Put it this way if you have in a possession a movie or a TV show that you did not pay for or don’t have copyrights to it, it is illegal. However, no one is going to attack users for having the app, they will go after the app developers and publishers of the app, and if the policy in your country is not so harsh, you are in the clear.

Errors, the app not working.

If the app is not cooperating, try to download a VPN. Clear cache and update the app, reset it, or try using an older version.

Things to know

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It is best to use this app anonymously via VPN service, there is Opera VPN, or any others are good. If you encounter an error, try with another VPN, or clear cash and data, and restart the app. To shorten loading time connect to Google open DNS, and download DNS Changer to change DNS, and keep about 300 Mb of RAM space for it to run smoothly.

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