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How to Use Tarot to Spice up Your Love Life

Spicing up your love life can prove to be challenging, especially when you do not know the feelings of your loved one. It can be more challenging to be more spontaneous or innovative if you do not know how your partner will react. It can be difficult to read the expressions of your loved one, especially if the person is not expressive enough. It can lead to fights and arguments if two people fail to express their feelings for each other.

If you are looking for an answer to these questions, then tarot cards can help you. Tarot cards have been used for centuries to help people who are in love with each other. For centuries, people have consulted with tarot card readers to help them give excitement to their love life. Even today, these tools of divination have been helping people who are having dull moments with their relationship.

Tarot cards can guide people on how to provide excitement to their relationship. Tarot cards can give an insight into your love life and can make it even better. If you are going to use tarot cards to spice up your love life, then here are some ways that can help you get definitive answers.


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Tarot cards draw energy from the person holding them. If you have experience using tarot cards, then you must know that drawing cards from the deck while you have mixed emotions is a bad idea. If you are feeling stressed from your relationship, then it is best that you should have a clear state of mind before you use your tarot cards. You can look for ways to alleviate your stress such as exercising or taking a rest.

Having an emotion that is full of anxiety can give you an answer that is not definitive and may worsen your relationship.


Taking the meaning of each tarot card from a book can limit your understanding of the true meaning of the tarot card. Do not just take the meaning out of a book, but you should have your insight as well. Listen to your intuition, and try to understand what the cards are trying to tell you.


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If you feel like you cannot be objective when it comes to reading your tarot cards, then you can always consult an experienced reader to help you with the interpretations. Especially when it involves your relationship, it can be difficult to use tarot cards when you are not objective or concentrating. The reader can help you understand the answers that will come from the tarot cards and can help discuss the issues thoroughly.


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If you need a definitive answer, then you need to ask some solid questions. Asking the right questions can give you satisfactory answers. Ask questions like:

How can I improve my relationship?
How can I make my relationship more exciting?

Of course, the opposite will be true if you ask the wrong questions. Avoid questions that are vague and ask specifically about time. Examples of these are:

When will we get married?
Is my partner still interested in me?


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First, let us define what a tarot spread is. After shuffling, the tarot reader lays out and arranges the cards in a pattern. This pattern is called the tarot spread. The tarot spread is meant to tell a story regarding the person’s concerns. You have to note that the position of each card has a meaning of its own, and every arranged card is related to each other. Try to discern the meaning of the cards as a whole, and not individually.

It is always important to use a tarot spread that you are comfortable with. In addition, there are factors that you need to consider before choosing a spread.

Difficulty- It is up to you to choose a spread that can give you less difficulty. Choose a spread you are familiar and most comfortable with.
Sufficiency of Information – Before you choose a spread, consider the sufficiency of the cards. For example, you are going to do a three-card spread. Can you gather sufficient information from this kind of spread?
Type of Question – Choosing a spread will also depend on your type of question. Is your question open-ended or close-ended?


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How can you spice up your love life if you are dealing with problems with your relationship? Is it because of the dull feeling in your relationship? Of course, it is normal to have problems in a relationship. Some are easy to fix, while some can turn your relationship sour. Problems involving communication, money, conflicts, and even your love life can push your relationship to an unfortunate end. It is difficult to give your relationship some spice if you do not know how your partner will react.

However, have you tried using tarot cards? Tarot cards can give you insights into the status of your relationship. Are you wondering whether to take your partner on a weekend getaway? Are you wondering if you should be more spontaneous in your relationship? Should you be more adventurous? These are just some of the questions that your tarot cards can guide you through. If you are indeed wondering, and you need a quick answer, then check out tarotprophet.com. The guide can provide you with a quick yes or no to your most pressing questions.

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