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How to stay hydrated during hot summer months 

As we humans are around 70 percent water, it’s easy to see how drinking enough water is so crucial. We get water through the food we eat, but that is not nearly enough especially during summer when we’re sweating and losing a lot of water. Water is important for numerous biochemical reactions in your body, and for maintaining your blood pressure, and your temperature. The heat is transferred through your blood from internal organs into your skin where the blood vessels dilate and help get rid of the heat. Your body cools itself by sweating which means you lose a lot of water during summer. The water that is lost needs to be replaced which is why you especially need to think about hydrating during hot, summer days.

Source: Medical News Today

When you lose a lot of water, you can start experiencing fatigue and even cardiovascular impairments.

Tips on how to stay hydrated

1. Drink as much as you need to. That’s the only rule. You must have heard already that you need to drink 2 liters of water per day or something similar, but the truth is, no two bodies are identical meaning you might need much more or much less water then 2 liters. There really is no rule as to how much water you have to drink per day, as long as you don’t forget about water entirely and keep a bottle in your backpack when you leave your house.

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2. Always bring a bottle with you when you’re leaving home. No matter where you go, you need to have water nearby. You can get stuck in traffic with no way to get to the tap or the store and that can get really frustrating really fast. goshoppingkart.com offers adorable fruit infused water bottles that can help you drink more water than you usually would. Sipping on flavored water can be tasty and provide you with some sugar you might need during the hot days. There are numerous beautiful reusable water bottles that you can carry around with you. Try finding the stainless-steel one as they are, unlike plastic ones, BPA free and good for both you and the environment. Avoid buying liquids in plastic bottles! It’s not eco-friendly and it’s not you-friendly.

3. Eat a lot of fruit and drink squeezed fruits. It is refreshing, tasty, and healthy. By adding a slice of lemon or orange in your water bottle, you’re adding a bit of the necessary vitamin C. Fruit and vegetables have a lot of water in them and they can help keep you hydrated during the day. Fruit or vegetable salad is a great way to start a day. Strawberries, watermelons, melons, celery, grapes, and tomatoes are especially good for you during the summer.

Source: Health Magazine

4. Avoid energy drinks. Anything that has a lot of sugar and caffeine isn’t too good for you during the summer. Caffeine will cause you to go to the bathroom a bit more meaning you’ll lose more water. Energy drinks are, in fact, never a good choice. They can increase the risk for different cardiac complications if consumed often. However, if you must drink it, limit yourself to one can a day.

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