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How to run Scrum retrospective meetings without Scrum Master

In the modern world, the complexity of technology, the behavior of markets and the environment, as well as their interaction, have increased dramatically. In complex and uncertain conditions, Scrum confirms its usefulness and necessity. This method was implemented at schools and by governments, in various spheres of life as in marketing or the management of organizations. Nowadays, it is used to develop software, hardware or maintain researches in microbiology or machinery. What is the main idea of Scrum and how can we increase its effectiveness?

The idea of Scrum

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The core of Scrum is a small team. Each of them is extremely flexible and adaptive. These advantages are manifested to any number of teams in the same organization: entire networks that develop, produce, operate and maintain products, unite the work of thousands of people. Scrum involves four phases:

  • Sprint planning;
  • Daily Scrum;
  • Sprint Review;
  • Retrospective Sprint.

Each of these phases are maintained by Scrum master, a person who is responsible for efficiency, motivation, and integrity of the group. However, there are also several apps able to replace Scrum chief and even to develop it. For instance, Standuply is a worthwhile Slack app, that helps teams to manage their standups or retrospective meetings. This is a good tool for running Slack polls, poker planning or backlog grooming.

How does Standuply work

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Standuply is a digital tool working with Slack in accordance with the Scrum method. For example, Standuply manages retrospective meetings, where team members discuss the weaknesses of the latest sprint and possible solutions to improve them. In particular, the app is created to make sure that the team understands its purpose. Thus, it performs the following steps:

1) Sets up a schedule and choose team members to ask for the upcoming retrospective. It is vital to understand the thoughts about pros and cons of the current Sprint;

2) The app aggregates the answers to make an overall report with survey results;

3) Results can be sent to a Slack channel or via email. It will help you with creating a retrospective report.

When your team is remote, it may be difficult to get together on a call. So, you can replace your retrospective meetings with asynchronous ones via video answers delivered to Slack. However, if you prefer calls, Standuply will provide you with that as well.

Sprint Retrospective implies the team plans actions to improve product quality through the proper analysis of their work. So, Standuply replaces the role of Scrum chief encouraging the team to improve the development process and practice within the Scrum framework. This is necessary in order to increase its efficiency in the next Sprint and to get more satisfaction from their work.


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Currently, Scrum is one of the most popular software development methodologies. The goal of Scrum chief is to help the team maximize its effectiveness by eliminating obstacles, helping, teaching and motivating the team. Standuply is definitely one of the most trustful apps, able to replace Scrum chief at all. Are you ready to try it?

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