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How to Plan a Ridiculously Fun Father’s Day

With June 16th approaching, now would be a great time to start planning the perfect Father’s Day – one that combines fun, relaxation and a bit of indulgence. Whether you’re planning a father’s day for your partner, or your own dad, the principle is the same: you want to go the extra mile, and offer more than just a pretty card and a small gift.

Don’t just rely on a sweet sentiment. Make this special day a ridiculously fun one by planning a few key components of the day in advance. This article has broken those components down as such: gifts, games and (for the sake of alliteration) grub. Let’s look at a few ideas for each component and offer a few links for where to find those ideas.


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Father’s day isn’t just about token gifts – it’s also about getting out and spending quality time together. In this section, let’s look at a couple activities you can plan for this day, each tailored to a different personality type.

For the Thrill-Seeker: For a memorable, exhilarating Father’s Day experience, take that special father in your life axe throwing. Not only is this new sport ridiculously fun – with more than a few celebrity bandwagon endorsements – but it’s also a unique way to spend this often-conventional holiday.

And don’t worry if you don’t know the first thing about axe throwing. Check out BATL (the Backyard Axe Throwing League) to book a party, which comes with a free axe throwing lesson.

For the Relaxer: Is the father in your life less of a “seize the day” kind of go-getter, and more of a “leisure day” kind of guy? No problem: for the ultimate relaxation experience, try a “floating spa”. No, the spa itself doesn’t float; rather, it contains sensory deprivation pods that are filled with salt water, upon which you can float.

Some proponents of these floating pods are adamant that, because it offers a full sensory deprivation experience, it’s the most relaxing thing in the world. Others report experiencing something akin to hallucinations. Either way, there’s no denying you’re in for a unique experience.


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The activity can be a gift in its own right, but to go the extra mile, consider also presenting dad with a physical gift. Here, let’s look at a handyman gift, as well as a gift perfect for the culinary dad.

For the Handyman: You’ve heard of food subscription boxes and Dollar Shave Club, but now that same subscription model has made its way to tools. With a tool subscription box, you can get the handyman dad in your life a steady supply of incoming gadgets and tools.

This is an ongoing cost, as these subscription boxes tend to be monthly, but you can opt out at any time.

For the Iron Chef: If your dad is serious about their cooking, help them up their game with an immersion circulator – also known as “sous vide”. If you’re unfamiliar with sous vide, it’s a method of preparation where you drop a vacuum-sealed bag containing your food into a water bath set to a precise temperature.

The surrounding water cooks your food – whether it’s a steak, some carrots, an egg, etc. – to exactly the correct temperature, and then holds it there. There’s no chance of overcooking. Leading the pack in sous vide circulators are the Joule and the Anova, each with its own advantages.


Oftentimes, people express their love and care through cooking and eating. A key component of any Father’s Day celebration, therefore, is the food. Here are a couple different options for putting together the perfect meal:

For the Omnivore: June is prime grill season – bright and sunny, but not quite the overwhelming heat of July and August. For inspiration including a number of different proteins, flavor profiles and styles, check out this list of the best Father’s Day grill recipes, courtesy of the Food Network. From whisky-glazed flat iron steak, to grilled pizza, this list has something for every omnivore.

For the Health-Conscious: There is no shortage of fad food restaurants popping up, serving trendy, health-conscious foods. While you may not have had the excuse prior to check out that new poké place, or that vegan Mexican food joint, this special occasion might be the perfect opportunity.

With your games, gifts and grub planned in advance, when June 16th rolls around, you’re all set to have the most ridiculously fun Father’s Day imaginable, one dad will remember fondly for years and years to come.

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