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How to make most of your weekend in Paris?

Paris is the city which needs to be on your bucket list. Planning to see all of Paris in a few days time is a futile exercise. But if you plan properly, you can see visit the most important places in Paris and have a satisfaction of getting a feel of the city.

Paris needs 3 days of your weekend to visit the best attractions, the city has to offer. If you plan properly, you can visit a lot of places, in a short period. Public transportation is one of the best modes of transport to go around Paris and visit many attractions. Paris has metro, city bus, and City bikes, RER Train, Bato Bus, Taxi, The Little Train of Montmartre and Bus Tours. Walking is a good option to go around Paris, but the sheer size of the city makes it impossible to walk around and cover the tourist places.

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Public transportation is very well planned in Paris. The best way to view most of the places in the city in the shortest time available is through Bus Tours. There are numerous tour buses operating in Paris. They utilize the Hop-on, Hop-off concept and follow a fixed route covering the important places in the city.

All the tour buses Double-decker buses and is open on the top deck. Headphones are provided to listen to audio which describes the places you are passing through. It passes through around 10 main places and you can buy a ticket and utilize it the whole day by hoping-in and hoping-off, wherever you want. Ticket prices depend on the route you want to take and you can buy for multiple days and a day tour or a night tour or both.

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Ticket prices of Hop-in, Hop-off bus tours and tickets range from 34 Euros to 126 Euros can be found from Paris City Vision. The prices vary according to the type of tour you are going to take. There are four bus itineraries covering a total of 40 tourist attractions. The open tour bus covers all the major tourist attractions in and around Paris.

There are many important places to visit in Paris and some of them are

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The Eiffel Tower: This is the most iconic landmarks of Paris. One can also visit the Eiffel Tower and catch a glimpse of the city. It is better if you buy tickets in advance to avoid the rush. You can also walk through steps to have a different experience and the price of the tickets is less for this.

The Louvre Museum: If you wish to visit only one of the numerous museums in Paris, it is the Louvre. It has an incredible range of collections like Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and Michelangelo’s Dying Slave and many more. It can take even three to four days to look the whole of the museum, but it is better if you limit it to three to four hours as there are plenty of other things to do.

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The Garnier Opera: The Palais Garnier is the primary home of the Paris Opera and is associated with the Paris Opera Ballet. It is the most iconic Opera house in the World.

The Obelisk: It is a narrow four-sided structure with a pyramid shape at the top. It was given as a gift by Muhammed Ali Pasha to Napolean.

The Versailles: Keep this place as the last one to visit if it is a three-day tour and avoid this place if you visit Paris only for two days. It is an incredible place as the seat of French political power. The gardens are very beautiful to walk around.

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The Arc de Triomphe: It is another of Paris’s Iconic monuments. You can walk from The Louvre to here or visit this place on the Bus tour. This monument is built in the memory of people who died during the French Revolution.

There is no particular season to visit Paris, but if you do not like crowd, you can avoid visiting it in the summer. During Christmas, it is beautifully decorated and worth visiting to see and enjoy the elaborate celebrations’.

Visiting Paris is how well you handle the crowd and climate. Enjoy the iconic city in the way you like as it is a ‘never miss’ city.

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